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I recently took part in the #OrganycChallenge, swapping my usual cotton mother and baby care items for some 100% cotton products from the Organyc range. I received the Organyc Cotton Breast Pads* and the Organyc Cotton Squares* to try and over the last month I’ve been using these to see how they compared to my usual choice.
organyc cotton challenge

Organyc offers an organic and natural range of products from baby and beauty care to sanitary and maternity items. They are all made with 100% natural, organic cotton wool to give soft, breathable comfort and contain no parabens, synthetics or perfumes.
organyc cotton breastpads
Organyc Cotton Breast Pads come in a box of 24 costing £3.99, which is great value for money especially when you consider the quality of the cotton used. Baby J is now 8 months old and I still rely on breast pads for comfort as well as absorbing unexpected leaks.
These breast pads have a slight curve to them and a little adhesive patch on the back which helps them to fit nicely and discreetly. Sometimes I find that breast pads are a little obvious under my clothes, but it’s not the case with these Organyc ones. You can’t tell at all!
They are so soft and mould perfectly to my shape. I forget I’m wearing them until it gets to the end of the day and I take off my bra! They are wonderfully absorbent – I only need one pair per day -and they give me confidence that I won’t have any surprise milky stains appear on my clothes.

organyc cotton squares
Organyc Cotton Squares come in a pack of 60 costing £3.99 and each pad is huge! Like the rest of the Organyc range these pads are made with 100% organic cotton, making them perfect to use on baby’s delicate skin. The embossed side helps to deeply yet gently cleanse the skin. They are ideal for nappy changes, top-and-tailing, I’ve even used them to cleanse my own skin.
The cotton squares are a good thickness and very strong, they don’t fall apart or have any fibres come loose so I feel confident using them on mine and my children’s faces. I find particularly handy when we’re out and about as their large size makes them great for quick clean ups after playing or eating.
I would really recommend trying Organyc’s range of cotton wool products, especially if you’re conscious of what ingredients are going onto you and your children’s skin. The quality is fantastic and, for organic products, they are very reasonably priced too. You can find the full range here.
Do you use or would you consider using organic cotton wool?

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Disclosure: I was kindly sent the Organyc items to review, however all thoughts and opinion are my own.

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