New Mum Fitness: Why I Want to Get Fitter

Life with a 2 year old and an 8 month old can be pretty hectic. My days all seem to blur into one as I spend so much time taking care of them and looking after the home. In all of this I seem to have forgotten about me! Before I had my children I was really into fitness: I went to the gym, I did yoga, I took spinning classes, I went on long walks. Nowadays, I don’t have time for any fitness – and it really shows!

new mum fitness

After I had Little N, I walked everywhere with him in the pram. Thanks to all the walking  and pram-pushing and breastfeeding, I quickly lost weight and toned right up. It’s a different story since having Baby J though. We moved to a bigger place, but it’s on the edge of town, so I’ve been tending to drive everywhere. I’ve lost the weight, but I’m squishier than I’d like to be. I also feel like I don’t have as much energy as I used to have, and I think it’s down to the lack of exercise. I’ve just gotten lazy. I'd really love to tone up and have more energy to play with my boys.

Building the motivation to exercise is my problem, along with finding the time. I get bored easily, and it’s hard to fit it in around my boys. I want to get fitter though, not just so I can fit in all my lovely pre-baby clothes, but also so that I have the energy to keep up with my lively boys. Little N is at an age where he loves to run around, play football and climb. I want to be able to do all of those things with him too.

new mum fitness toddler

Using Kiddicare’s New Mum Fitness advice I’m planning to change my fitness levels for the better. I realised I don’t necessarily have to go for a run, or go to a class, or put on a workout DVD. We could all go for a walk, taking Baby J in a baby carrier or we could have a run around the park with J in his pushchair. My boys can have fun and I’ll get fit too.

Kiddicare’s New Mum Fitness feature has lots of information on when to start exercising as a new mum and tips on what to do, including a video from to help you choose the right running shoes. I followed the advice and took the wet test, and discovered that my feet tend to overpronate. This means that like 60-80% of runners I need support shoes.

new mum fitness park

Hopefully, armed with the right running shoes and lots of helpful advice, I can wave bye bye to my mum tum and wave hello to new energetic fun mum. Wish me luck and watch this space!

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*This post is a collaboration with Kiddicare and Sportsshoes who are helping me to reach my fitness goals!


  1. Ah good luck! It can be hard but it does make you feel good after :) xx

  2. Good luck with your goals, I have also fitness goals I have only stayed in the gym for 3 months but I can already see some difference. It certainly helps on the confidence xx

  3. I understand it is hard to find time to exercise while juggling motherhood. Good luck with your goals! x

  4. Good luck with your goals! I'm newly married and we're planning to have a baby next year or begin. of 2017, I'm so nervous that I'm going to gain a lot of weight and then it will be very difficult to lose it back!

  5. Oh I am so with you on wanting to get fit again, but I have no motivation! Ugh! I didn't know about this wet test, I had no idea! Maybe new running shoes would motivate me haha! #twinklytuesday Sabrina xx

  6. Good luck with your fitness journey :)
    Like you I got back in shape pretty quick after baby 1 but I am nervous about it this time round (Arthur's brother is due in August) I found the baby carrier was definitely a good way to get back in shape with Arthur so hopefully will help again this time too!! X

  7. Good luck, hope you manage to tone up and get that energy back. I'm sure if you're keen, you'll manage it.

  8. I am having the same problem...squishiness :-) I'm back to my normal weight, but my body is changed. I need to get back to my fitness routine too.

  9. Good luck lovely, it is so hard getting back into the swing of things (as I am finding!), but it's so worth it once you start! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  10. oh, I feel your pain! I also used to go to the gym 4/5 times a week and now I really miss it... but where is the time?? it's true every little helps and you can find other ways to get back into shape.
    Btw, you already look fab anyway!!! :)) xx


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