REVIEW: MamaBabyBliss Daddy’s Magic Bag of Bathtime Bliss

MamaBabyBliss Daddy Bag

Award-winning MamaBabyBliss have the perfect gift idea for new dads this Father’s Day, with the “Daddy’s Magic Bag of Bathtime Bliss” which is featured in my Father’s Day Gift Guide this year. Bath and bedtime is a great opportunity for daddies to get involved and enjoy some special bonding with their baby, and Daddy’s Magic Bag of Bathtime Bliss* (£23.00) contains everything he needs to pamper his little one.

MamaBabyBliss Daddy Bag (1)

Inside the natural cotton wash bag you’ll find everything that a Dad needs to give his baby a lovely bath and relaxing bonding massage to wind down before bedtime. There is a bottle of “Splash”, a gentle bath wash for baby’s hair and body. Made with natural ingredients, it contains lavender and chamomile to relax and calm baby. There is also a soft, white flannel and a little rubber duck that older babies will enjoy playing with during bathtime. The scent of Splash is so light and delicate, it makes J smell heavenly after a bath and leaves his skin feeling soft.

Once bathtime is over Dad can use the Hugs baby oil and follow the MamaBabyBliss Baby Massage Guide [not pictured] to give baby a gentle, soothing massage. Hugs is a completely natural baby oil with sunflower, jojoba oil (which mimics the skin's sebum), peach kernel oil and Vitamin E. It contains no “nasty” ingredients so it’s ideal for delicate young skin. This was my favourite baby oil to use when N was a small baby, as it’s so gentle and the bottle lasts such a long time. It doesn’t have a strong scent unlike some other oils, so it’s perfect even for teeny, tiny, little babies.

MamaBabyBliss Daddy Bag (2)

This a wonderful gift idea for a dad-to-be, a new dad or for Father’s Day. Research has shown that new dads can feel alienated from the whole parenting experience in those first few months, so this is the perfect way to encourage dads to get involved and enjoy some special one-to-one bonding time with baby [and give mums a little break!]

To find out more about or to purchase the Daddy’s Magic Bag of Bathtime Bliss check out the MamaBabyBliss website here: 

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*I was kindly sent the Daddy’s Magic Bag of Bathtime Bliss to review.


  1. What a lovely idea, bathtime is such a special time.x


  2. Little man loves playing with daddy during bathtime so I can see them enjoying this Daddy's Magic Bag of Bathtime Bliss.

  3. i reviewed this set a few weeks ago and we loved it such a cute set and i thought it smelt amazing xx #TriedTested

  4. Oh this is just lovely, it would be a really nice present. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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