Goals for 2015

I didn’t want to set myself any big ambitious new year’s resolutions, but wanted to have little goals instead. Little things I can do here and there, small things that will put a big smile on my and my family’s faces.

2015 goals

I used to love baking but rarely get the time these days. Ideally I’d love to bake something every week, and actually so far this month I have done that! Today I made a banana loaf, using the Hummingbird Bakery recipe, and last week I made Nigella’s Christmas Muffins - I know Christmas was well and truly over with but who cares, they were good! With a toddler and a baby I think a monthly goal is more achievable and if I manage to bake more often then that’s a bonus.


I taught myself how to crochet little over a year ago. In the beginning I started a lot of projects that were way too complex so they are sat unfinished in a box. This year I aim to dig out those forgotten creations and finish them off, as well as starting some new projects.
Life Laundry

This is a term I picked up from my old housemate. One day I came home to find his room looked like a bomb had gone off in it. He said he was doing “life laundry” which is basically de-cluttering and reorganising EVERYTHING. I started to do this regularly myself but am well overdue a good life laundry session. I need to overhaul my wardrobe, clear out my shoes, rifle through my beauty drawers and also sort out the children’s things.
More Manis

More manicures might be slightly adventurous with the toddler and baby occupying my every waking minute, but I really need to start taking better care of my hands. I’ve put a hand cream in the bathroom, my baby changing bag and my bedroom and will try to apply them as often as I remember. Ideally I’d like to have gel overlays once a month – I’m currently sporting black gels with a rose gold accent nail – but if I don’t have time for that then just keeping them neatly filed and well moisturised is a good start.
Quality Time 

I now have some regular toddler groups that I take Little N and Baby J to each week, but there are a couple of days of the week where we don’t go to any groups. We spend those days at home and it’s so easy for me to get lost in housework, before I know it it’s time to make dinner and we have wasted the day. I am planning to find lots of ideas for fun crafts and activities that Little N and I can do at home. As a family I’d like us all to go out each Sunday, nothing fancy, just a hot chocolate at a cafe, maybe lunch somewhere or just a stroll. I don’t get much time with Ian and with such a young baby dates are totally out of the question but we can at least make a little time to catch up each week.


  1. You know what, I love this post because it really reminds me of how overwhelmed I was by the changes that motherhood brings and it's really the little things that make all the difference to happiness. My boy is six now and the nappy changes and sleepless nights seem light years away but it's still the little things that make such a difference to our family, having banana pancakes together on a Saturday morning, making time for extra cuddles before bed or all sitting down together at the table to eat, I wish you a very happy 2015 Sian, thank you for reminder :) Xx

    1. Ahh thank you so much Ana, this is a lovely comment to read! Making time for cuddles is one I try to stick to too, I don't want my children to ever remember me as being too busy fo a cuddle xx

  2. Your 'goals' sound similar to mine! Simple 'mummy' goals that keep a happy & sane parent, I'm with ya Mama:)

  3. I think something as simple as applying handcream is a nurturing self-care act & is enough to any busy mum's life(I've only just started to do this & feel heaps better in terms of self esteem etc. ) X

    1. I'd never thought of it as a nurturing myself but you are so right there x

  4. I think it's a much more realistic to set yourself little goals instead of making resolutions you might be less likely to achieve :) And baking every week is a great idea: I did that during the last series of Great British Bake Off and really enjoyed it, plus tried and learnt to make so many harder things I've always wanted to but never took the plunge had the courage to. Great goal. Good luck! Wendy xx
    Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World

  5. Thank you Wendy! I absolutely love GBBO, it never fails to rekindle my love of baking :) xx


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