Baby J is Four Months Old

Baby J is four months old. He now weighs 15lb 12.5oz and is 67cm long.

baby four 4 months old

My littlest boo has had a bit of a growth spurt it seems, as he has shot up in height. He is enjoying tummy time and is getting really good at lifting his head and chest up. He has already outgrown a couple of his 3-6 month outfits. They fit him weight-wise, but he is just so long!

I’m having a nightmare with nappies. All the cloth nappies that I loved with N don’t seem to fit J right, so I’m thinking of selling them and buying different ones. We even have issues with the disposable nappies we use, he just seems to out-pee everything! I’m hoping that once he is more mobile it won’t be such an issue, as I’m sure a lot of the leaks are due to compression.

We seem to have entered the dreaded four month sleep regression a week early, as J is feeding like a newborn throughout the night as well as the day. I’m hoping it means we’ll come out of it early too! It doesn’t seem as difficult this time round though. When I had Little N, nobody told me about growth spurts so I was constantly stressed out thinking I must be doing something wrong. This time I already know what to expect and know that it’s normal, which helps.

Little N is still being an awesome big brother but he has worked out that when I am nursing J he can pretty much do what he wants, knowing that I can’t stop him. He pulls out all of his toys, helps himself to snacks, puts a DVD on, he does make me laugh. By the time J has finished his feed, the house looks like the Tasmanian devil has whizzed through it!

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