TONI & GUY Classic Shine Gloss Serum

The TONI & GUY Shine Gloss Serum is from the Classic style collection. It’s a lightweight serum created to control frizz and leave hair looking shiny. It’s a finishing product which is used on dry hair. I know some serums can be used on damp hair as well but the directions for use only mention using it on dry hair.
Toni & Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum

Nine times out of ten I blow dry my long hair which inevitably results in a few flyaway strands or a bit of a frizzy halo, as I’m not very skilled at blow drying! So I do usually end up using a serum, oil or balm to calm my hair down. I used 2 pumps of this serum which I rubbed between my hands and then worked it through the lengths of my hair, starting underneath as I find this means I’m less likely to overload my hair with product. I smoothed it over the ends of my hair to give a little more control and finally, very lightly, ran my hands over the top of my hair just to rein in any cheeky flyaways.

This serum does a great job at providing frizz control and giving a little shine to my hair. It left my hair looking super healthy and totally frizz-free with that same gorgeous fresh scent that all the products in the range seem to have. All I then needed to do was to use a little hairspray to hold the finished look. I’m really pleased with this product as out of everything I’ve tried so far this has worked the best for my hair.

TONI & GUY Classic Shine Gloss Serum comes in a 30ml bottle and can be bought from Boots for £7.19 although I received this product as a sample. I noticed that the range is currently included in the Boots 3 for 2 offer so now is the time to try it!


  1. I'm struggling with frizz at the moment, so might give this a go!

  2. Hey Sian! This sounds like a great product - my hair is very prone to frizz, and I used to use a lot of serums but I have mostly switched over to hair oils these days. But I will keep this in mind for when my current stock runs out! xo

    1. Same! I had been using a lot of hair oils lately! xx


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