REVIEW: Montagne Jeunesse Summer Skin Regime: Week 4

For the last three weeks I have been trying out some Montagne Jeunesse face masques that I was sent from their wide range of natural beauty products which, used as a four-week regime throughout summer, would help keep my skin looking lovely and fresh.

The four masques I was sent to try are: Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud, Montagne Jeunesse Cooling Cucumber Peel Off Masque, Montagne Jeunesse Iced Crystal Masque and Montagne Jeunesse Very Berry.

Montagne Jeunesse Summer Skin

I started the regime with the deep-cleansing Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud face masque, the second week I used the refreshing Montagne Jeunesse Cooling Cucumber Peel Off Masque, last week I used the cooling Montagne Jeunesse Iced Crystal Masque and this week, the final week, I’m using the hydration boosting Montagne Jeunesse Very Berry face masque. Packed with the juice of blueberries and cranberries this masque is full of anti-oxidants to help clear troubled skin and prevent premature aging.

This masque is a slightly shimmery purple shade and smells fantastic, it smells like Vimto sweets, a really juicy, berry scent! I applied it to my cleansed skin then relaxed for about 15 minutes (still reading Skippy Dies, I’m really struggling with this book). It did make my skin tingle a little, it wasn’t unpleasant for me but I do think those with more sensitive skin might find it a little irritating.

Montagne Jeunesse Very Berry face Masque

As this masque doesn’t dry out it rinsed away really easily – don’t panic when your face cloth turns pink as it washes out! The tingling sensation stopped as soon as the masque was removed and my skin was left feeling cleansed and refreshed. Out of the four masques my favourites have been the Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud as it made my skin feel really deeply cleansed and the Montagne Jeunesse Iced Crystal as it delivered more noticeable results.

You can find this face masque nationwide in retailers such as ASDA, Superdrug, Tesco, New Look and Morrisons as well as on the Montagne Jeunesse website; the RRP is £1.09. The company also has great ethics as all of their products are vegetarian-approved, made from natural ingredients and paraben-free. “Montagne Jeunesse is proud of its uncompromising natural credentials and ethos for ‘Conservation of Energy, Protection of Animals and the Environment.’”

Have you tried any of these masques? Which one do you prefer?

Disclosure: I received this product for free to review, however all thoughts and opinion are my own.


  1. I love these masks, they do a fantastic Sauna one that warms up when you use it! x

    1. There are just so many great ones to choose from! xx

  2. I love the clay masks, they always smell so yummy too x

  3. I really love the ice crystal mask! xo


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