Hello Fresh - Meal 3

In my last Hello Fresh box I received the fresh ingredients and recipe cards to make the following yummy meals for two: Pan-Fried Summertime Chicken with Pancetta and Fresh Peas, Teriyaki Chicken with Coco-Nutty Rice and Bok Choi, and Mozzarella Stuffed Beefburgers with Caprese Salad. The box costs £39.00 including delivery and you get everything you need all conveniently measured out.

The final meal I made from this box was the Teriyaki Chicken with Coco-Nutty Rice and Bok Choi. There is an ingredient missing from the photo I left out the cashew nuts - I’m allergic and Ian doesn’t like nuts. They didn’t go to waste though as my step-daughter merrily munched her way through them! This meal was so tasty, I can’t wait to make it again.

Hello Fresh Coco-Nutty Chicken and Bok Choi ingredients
Hello Fresh Coco-Nutty Chicken and Bok Choi finished

My next box is coming on Tuesday, I’ve seen what the recipes are already and can’t wait to give them a go! Don’t forget that if you’d like to try a box for yourself you can use my referral code to get yourself a whopping £20 discount: C4MJSY. Just head over to www.hellofresh.co.uk to get started!


  1. I love learning new recipes, I always learn new things! Need to try this soon ;D xo

    1. I'm building up quite a stack of recipe cards now, I'm no longer a boring cook hehe! xx


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