Essie at 5 Months Old

It's insane to think that in a few short weeks Essie will start to have solid food as she begins weaning. I honestly feel as if she was born a matter of days ago! Weaning is such a big milestone isn't it; it's exciting but at the same time I'm a little sad that she's growing up so quickly! Here's her latest update, at five months old.

If you read my birth story you'll know that Essie was born at home and she weighed a chunky 9lb 4.5oz. Her weight gain slowed slightly over the months and she dropped from the 91st centile to the 75th, which is absolutely fine, and at five months old she weighs 15lb 13oz. That puts her between the 50th and 75th centiles for her weight. She is wearing 6-9 and 6-12 months in clothes now, which is exciting as it means a whole new wardrobe for her! I absolutely love children's fashion and it is so much fun buying new clothes.

Essie has been on her first family holiday! We went back to Whitecliff Bay on the Isle of Wight, where we stayed last year. We absolutely love it there and it was wonderful to go back as a complete family. Essie was a joy on holiday, she took the change of scenery in her stride and had a lot of naps in her pram while we ate out or visited the beach. She also had her first experience of swimming! She looked SO cute in her little starry swimming costume.

Essie has now mastered rolling back to front and front to back, and she uses her new skills to get around with lightening speed! It makes nappy changes and dressing a lot of fun as she tries to roll away from me as I am changing her. Her brothers have also realised that their toys are no longer safe as Essie can manoeuvre over to where they are playing.

Essie hasn't started food yet so she is still exclusively breastfeeding for now. She is showing interest when she sees us eat and is great at picking things up to bring them to her mouth. I am going to wait until she is closer to six months old before we introduce solids but I have a feeling she will start a little earlier. She's effectively two weeks older developmentally if you go by due date (like with Wonder Weeks) so it hasn't surprised me that she is so keen! But I would still like to wait a bit longer.

Essie is still waking a few times a night for feeds. It doesn't bother me though, I know it's totally normal for babies to need feeds through the night. I remember when Noah was 3 weeks old I asked my due date group (on Facebook) how long it would take for him to get into a routine of sleeping better. Oh how I laugh now at my naivety!

There is more of a routine with naptimes however; Essie likes to have a nap quite early in the morning, again around midday and again in the late afternoon. They are only short and I have to make sure the boys are distracted otherwise they wake her up again! It means I can sit down for five minutes though which is nice!

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