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British weather is a funny old thing, especially as the seasons are changing. We seem to go from having sunny, hot, shorts weather to suddenly needing the winter coats and central heating on within a matter of days! To cope with the ever-changing climate, we were sent a Mama Designs Babasac from Apples & Pips who I'm a blog ambassador for. It's a multi-tog baby sleeping bag, so whether it's warm or cool your baby just needs one sleeping bag as it's a 2.5 tog and 1 tog sleeping bag in one! 

Babasac sleeping bags come in a range of gorgeous designs; Essie was sent one in an adorable pink heart print which makes me think of the Queen of Hearts from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The hearts and trim are the sweetest shade of candy pink and the sleeping bag is made from 100% soft cotton outer with a cotton jersey lining.

What makes the Babasac range so special is that there is no need to buy both summer weight and winter weight sleeping bags. The inner layers of this one can be zipped out, turning it from a 2.5 tog bag to a 1.0 tog bag in a matter of seconds making it suitable for use all year round! It is particularly handy at the moment, as the seasons turn we've had some days that have been really warm but some days have been really cold, so I can add or remove the panels as needed.

The other thing that I love about this sleeping bag is that the zip finishes at the bottom, whereas most others finish at the armpit. This makes night time nappy changes a lot easier; I can just unzip the bottom of the bag to change Essie's nappy rather than undoing the whole bag. Genius!

Essie's Babasac is size 0-6 months and she's just coming up to five and a half months old, but she still has a lot of space for her feet so I think it will last her a month or two longer. You can also get them in sizes 6-18 months and 18-36 months and they cost £40.49-£42.49 from Apples & Pips. My readers can get a 10% discount at Apples & Pips by using code QFSS10 (expires 31/10/17).

With thanks to Apples & Pips for Essie's Babasac.

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