Review: Nomi Highchair & Nomi Baby by evomove

During my time as a mother, I've really come to appreciate products that are versatile, adaptable and can grow with my child. Baby products can be expensive and are outgrown SO quickly, so third time around I have been far more choosy about what we've gone for. Even when it's something I've been offered to review, my first thought is "how much use will we actually get out of this?" And that's the thought that went through my head when I was offered a gorgeous Nomi Highchair to review. 

Nomi Highchair from evomove is at the core of the Nomi concept. The chair is designed to suit children from around two years old and into the teenage years, but there are also a variety of add-ons so that you can use it from birth. First is the Nomi Baby, a recliner which replaces the seat and is suitable for newborn babies up to around six months old. Then there is the Nomi Mini, a restraint which can be attached to the seat to be used from six months until about 24 months when children need a little more support. Nomi Highchair is designed to be used at the family dining table but you can also purchase a tray which fits when the Mini restraint is attached.

I was sent a Nomi Highchair with a Nomi Baby recliner so that we could use it with Essie. There are so many combinations of colours and wood options to choose from so you can match with whatever dining set or interior style you already have. I ummed and ahhed for ages between the white and the grey, in the end settling on the grey Nomi Highchair and grey Nomi Baby mattress, with the basic white oak/beech stem. I now wish I had chosen white as we have just decided to get a new white dining set, but the grey is still lovely! 

It was pretty straightforward to put together as it comes with clear instructions and you don't need any additional tools. It took me no more than ten minutes to set it up by myself. For the first few months we used it with the Nomi Baby recliner attached. The mattress is soft, comfortable, washable and it is reversible so we have the option of either dark grey or off white. It has a five-point harness which can also be used as a three-point harness with newborns. 

The recliner is adjusted using the knob underneath; you simply turn to loosen it, slide it up or down the stem depending on what setting is required, then turn it the other way to tighten it and keep it secured in position. The Nomi Baby kept Essie at a lovely height for being able to talk to and interact with. It's designed for using for short periods of time rather than extended periods, so it was ideal for while I get on with things like folding laundry or cooking dinner. She could relax next to me while I got on with jobs. 

Although the Nomi Baby is suitable for babies aged up to six months, Essie has become very mobile very quickly and with her wanting to roll about and play more she was starting to get frustrated so we have now switched to the Nomi Highchair. It has a curved backrest, a seat and a footrest. The seat and the footrest can both be adjusted height-wise using  knobs on the back of the stem. Like the recliner, simply loosen the knob, move the seat or footrest up or down the stem then tighten to secure it into position.

Noah has decided this is his seat and uses it to sit at when he is drawing, reading or playing with Lego. He even chooses to sit on it when we're watching films, rather than sit on the sofa! When our new dining set arrives I am sure he will still want to sit on this rather than one of the actual chairs. Essie is soon going to be ready for solid food and whilst we could order the Nomi Mini restraint to use while she is weaning, I think it is just too lovely to be ruined with baby food! Instead it will continue to be Noah's chair; when he is older he could use it at a desk for when he is doing homework.

I think it is such a stylish looking chair, one that fits into the home beautifully and lasts throughout childhood. Nomi Highchair costs from £199.95 depending on the options you choose, with the accessories available separately, such as Nomi Baby which is £119.99. 

With thanks to evomove for sending us a Nomi Highchair and Nomi Baby to review.

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  1. This is SO clever. I love how adaptable it is, and how it can grow with your child. It looks really funky too. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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