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As you'll know if you've read my other posts about our ongoing toy cull and decluttering mission, I've been slowly working through the boys' toys to get rid of the things that they're no longer interested in and replace them with better quality toys, games and puzzles, and to have things that they will actually love playing with. As a result we have been adding more wooden toys to their play space as they are more sustainable and tend to span the ages that they can be enjoyed by. We were sent a Hape Rainbow Route Railway & Station Set to review and it is a great addition to our play space!

Hape's Rainbow Route Railway & Station Set is a beautiful 30-piece wooden train set with brightly coloured tracks and interactive musical elements to spark little imaginations. The set comes with sensory blocks to build a train station along with little green wooden trees to create a pretty scene. The track pieces alternate with the interactive elements and along the way little ones can navigate a bead maze, create music as they ride over the bumpy tambourine and xylophone tracks, and solve a shape sorter puzzle to complete the journey using the trains and animals that come in the set.

The boys have loved playing with this set, both on its own and with their other wooden train sets which are also compatible. It's a lot of fun but there are a lot of ways that it helps their development too. The musical elements help with "cause and effect" cognitive development while the bead maze helps to improve fine motor skills and colour sorting. The shape sorter part of the track is a great way of helping Jude hone his problem-solving skills which gives him a real confidence boost! 

I am so pleased that the boys love this railway set and am sure that Essie will love it in time too. She already likes watching her brothers play with it; I am sure she finds the shapes and colours fascinating! Hape Rainbow Route Railway & Station Set is suitable for ages 18M + and is available to buy online from Amazon

With thanks to Hape for sending the train set for review.
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