Mama Style: PacaPod Hartland Bag

My name is Sian and I am addicted to PacaPods! This is the third PacaPod changing bag I have had since having Essie. Firstly the Richmond, my first foray into the world of pink, then the Mirano which is the Mary Poppins of changing bags and allows me to carry so much! And now I have a Hartland, which is from PacaPod's new Travel Lite range launched this summer.

I recently got a new baby carrier and was looking for a bag suitable for using with it. A backpack style is the obvious choice when babywearing as it means my hands are free, and when I saw that PacaPod had launched this new style for Autumn I knew it would be perfect as I love their unique 3-in-1 pod system for helping me to be organised and for their versatility. 

PacaPod sent me a Hartland changing bag to review which I chose in the gorgeous Gunmetal. It is made with sumptuous gunmetal faux leather which has a metallic sheen and has a coordinating carry strap and adjustable canvas straps. This streamlined bag can be used as a messenger bag as well as a backpack and it comes with a handy pram attachment strap.

PacaPod changing bags are really stylish but also very functional and practical. I always find their designs to be so well thought out with lots of useful compartments. The Hartland has a zipped pocket on the front and two zipped pockets inside the main compartment, one of which has a key fob inside, and a mini map print pod attached on the outside for any essentials. But the thing I really love is the pod system which is what makes PacaPod so unique! 

Inside each PacaPod changing bag are two pods; one for changing and one for feeding. Each one is equally gorgeous in design; the Hartland has a feeding pod in the new map print and a changing pod in large spots. The changing pod has stretchy pockets inside it for storing various things like lotion, wipes and nappies and it comes with a fold-out padded changing mat in the famous egg shape. The feeding pod is cool bag so great for storing milk, snacks or drinks. 

The bag has a 26-litre capacity so you can fit lots inside, and each pod has a 4-litre capacity so when taken out and used separately gives even more space. Each of the pods has a carry strap on the top so you can clip them to your pram. You can use the bag with both pods, without any pods, with just one or even use the pods on their own! 

As I'm breastfeeding Essie I don't have milk or bottles to carry around so instead I use the feeder pod for storing muslins, toys, tissues, handwipes and plasters. The changing pod I use for carrying lots of nappies for Essie and Jude (who's not yet potty-trained) along with wet-wipes. If I need to change Essie or Jude when we're out it's so much easier being able to just grab the changing pod and take that to the bathroom, rather than having to lug a whole changing bag with me.

The pods keep everything stored exactly where I need them and then my own things can go in the main compartment. When you're a busy mum of three under five, organisation is key and my PacaPod Hartland makes it easy to stay on top of everything - and keeps my hands free! 

PacaPod Hartland is available in gunmetal and black and costs £84.00. You can find it here.

With thanks to PacaPod for sending the bag to review.


  1. Gorgeous changing bag, Pacapods are such a great design. x

  2. My other half just bought me this backpack! (I’d been looking at it for a while) can’t wait to try it out. Great review! I love how you use both pods as I was thinking the same thing - I don’t need bottles or food just yet so can still make good use out of the pod :) thank you!!


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