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As a blogger who known for being a breastfeeding mum and having written about breastfeeding a few times, I'm often contacted by breast pump brands to feature their products. I'm very choosy about brands that I feature and until now I've never reviewed any breast pumps. And then I heard about Pumpables* and their new Milk Genie breast pump. It sounded great and as I am going to be donating my breast milk again I wanted to give it a go!

Pumpables is based in Singapore and was founded by a mum. The Milk Genie breast pump has been designed with so many brilliant features to help making pumping easier and more comfortable for mums and comes at an amazing price. There are so many breast pumps out there, even one brand can have multiple options to choose from and I am forever seeing the question "which breast pump should I buy?" being posted on Facebook groups from confused mums. What I love about the Milk Genie is that it has all the best features in one pump!

For a start, Milk Genie can be used as a single or a double pump, so mums don't have to pick one or the other. In the box you get the pump motor along with twos sets of tubing, valves, bottles and breast shields. There are even two teats included for the bottles so you don't need to buy them separately.

The team behind Pumpables understand that our bodies are not all the same so why would a single size breast shield fit all mums?! The Milk Genie comes with three different sized shields and the instructions includes a guide to ensure that you choose the most comfortable fitting one. I thought I would need the medium sized shield but after following the guide it turns out the smaller size is better for me. It just goes to show that you shouldn't just assume that the average size is going to be the one for you! 

The Milk Genie pump motor is lightweight, rechargeable and super quiet. I've used other pumps before, both in hospital and at home, and they were ever so noisy. I remember being embarrassed by the sound when expressing at home soon after Noah was born, because it was just SO loud. I know now that there is nothing to be embarrassed about, but as a new mum I felt very self-conscious! The Milk Genie is far quieter and while I no longer care about anyone hearing me expressing, it means there is less chance of me disturbing Essie.

The pump has highly variable settings so that you can control the intensity to suit your needs, switching between massage and suction mode as required. It also has an intelligent memory so you can work out the settings that are best for you and save it as a program. Then the next time you're ready to pump the Milk Genie will know what settings to use! 

It is also a closed system pump, which not many breast pumps are. What this means is there is a "backflow protector", which is a physical barrier stopping breastmilk from flowing back up and getting into the tubing and motor. This is important because if milk does manage to get into the tubing or pump it can cause mould to grow (eww!) and is far from hygienic. Whenever other mums ask me about breast pumps I always recommend they go for one with a closed system for this reason. 

So those are all the great features, but I'm sure you're wondering what the Milk Genie is actually like to use? 

It was a breeze to set up the pump and get going. The instructions are very clear and straightforward and all of the pieces are neatly organised inside the box. The different sized breast shields means that expressing is much more comfortable and the pump is very, very efficient. It took no time at all to trigger my letdown using the massage mode (which does short bursts of suction) and get my milk flowing before switching to suction mode to continue expressing.

I quite like the timer function for seeing how long it takes to express; the first time I used the pump was actually to ease some engorgement after Essie had missed a feed and I expressed 3oz in less than 10 minutes! When I expressed for the milk bank last time I resorted to hand expressing as I found setting up my old pump (which I gave away in the end) such a faff, but this pump is so easy to set up and get going. It's great to have the option of single or double expressing, and the second set of bottles, tubing and valves means I always have a clean set ready to go if I stick with single expressing.

The Milk Genie breast pump* from Pumpables costs just £108 with free fast worldwide shipping which is an absolutely incredible price. If you're looking for a quiet, comfortable, efficient pump then I can't recommend this one more! 

*I will receive a small advertising fee if you purchase via this link, but it won't affect the price you pay! With thanks to Pumpables for sending a Milk Genie pump to review.

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