Pregnancy Diary: Second Trimester - 20 Weeks

18th November 2016

We've reached the halfway point of this pregnancy! At 20 weeks pregnant my little Pip is about the size of an endive! She (yes, it's a girl!) is roughly 10 inches long and weighs about 10.5 ounces. I'll explain more about the jump in her length further on. Here's what's been going on during my twentieth week of pregnancy with baby number three.

20 weeks pregnant woman in 30s with dark brown hair wearing black and white stripey top holding bump with one hand and smiling

Baby Development

So we are at the halfway point! With my last two pregnancies I felt like time suddenly sped up from this point onwards and I am sure this pregnancy will be no different, especially with Christmas having kept me busy as well as the boys. If you read my 19 week update you'll know that baby was about 6 inches long at that point so you might be wondering how she's suddenly grown by 4 inches. It's because at this point babies straighten out so are no longer measured from crown to rump, instead the measurement is from head to toe! Something else that is amazing to know is that little Pip already has seven million tiny eggs inside her ovaries. I am potentially carrying my future grandchildren, how crazy is that thought!

Body Changes

I mentioned in my last update about how quickly my bump is growing now and I am certainly feeling the discomfort at night now. I'm sure my hair growth has slowed down and I've had a few niggles with my skin which always seems to get more sensitive during pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Symptoms

This week I have been obsessed with chocolate. I'm vegan so I tend to stick with dark chocolate (I'm not really a fan of the vegan "milk" chocolate) so the good news is that it's kind of good for me as dark chocolate has antioxidants. Well, I'm telling myself it's good for me anyway! I'm getting lots of big kicks now which are sometimes visible from the outside if I pay attention and I've noticed that this little baby girl is very active at night, just like her two elder brothers were!

Antenatal Appointments

We had the anomoly scan which all went well; the scan showed that all was well with the baby and that we are expecting a girl. If you haven't already seen our gender reveal you can see it here. It really is rather lovely but you might want to have the tissues to hand! The baby was a bit of a monkey and wouldn't get in the right position for the sonographer to check her heart properly, which meant I had to go for a walk and then try again. I didn't mind though as it meant we got to spend a bit longer looking at her. The scan showed that my placenta is low so I will have another scan at 32 weeks to check that it has moved up.

Looking Ahead

Knowing that we are having a girl means that I can crack on with sorting and clearing out the boys' old clothes. Babies don't wear their clothes for long do they, which means that most of their stuff was in good condition so I kept it. I've got LOADS! Obviously the things that are gender neutral or things that I just love I will be keeping for her to wear, but otherwise I will be stocking up a whole new wardrobe for her. I popped into Mothercare after the scan to have a browse, but just couldn't see past all the pink! I'm not a big lover of pink, so now I'm on a mission to find baby clothes that are sort of girly and cute but aren't head to toe pink. Let me know your favorite places and brands please!

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