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I have never been good at packing a bag to take to hospital. With my first baby, I took quite a lot useless stuff. I read far too many "what to pack in your hospital bag" lists and packed virtually everything that all of them said! With my second, I'd got maternity pads and some nappy samples and that was about it, which meant Ian nearly missed the birth because he was at home trying to throw together some bits in a bag for me! Now I'm expecting my third baby, so surely I'll get it right this time, won't I?

If you're unsure of what to pack, or are a little bit disorganised like I am, or simply don't want the hassle of packing your hospital bag, then a bag from Little Bambino Bags is what you need. Little Bambino Bags is a new company that specialises in utterly gorgeous bags that are hand-filled with essentials for both you and your baby and I was kindly sent one to review.

Little Bambino Bags are the original pre-filled maternity bag store. Their bags come in three different sizes and are available in countless beautiful prints. I was sent one of the bags a few weeks ago containing the standard contents, and now there are options available for mums expecting multiples, planning to breastfeed or wanting organic baby products. There is even a combined option containing the breastfeeding and organic options, so there is a bag to suit all styles and needs! 

I chose a medium bag in the Quill print, a beautiful navy blue with a pretty feather design all over. It has two cream coloured carry handles and a detachable cream coloured strap so you can carry the bag over your shoulder. The lined bag measures 31cm high and 43cm long, so it is a good size for an overnight bag, but also the perfect size for using as your changing bag once baby is born! It got a long zip opening across the top and inside is a large zipped pocket. There aren't any other pockets in the bag which is fine with me but if you prefer to have more compartments there is plenty of room to be able to put smaller bags inside.

But what's inside the bag? I'm sure that's what you really want to know! My bag contains the standard contents which are:

5 award winning newborn nappies - 12 maternity pads - Pack of 40 breast pads - 5 disposable briefs - 1 pack of extra sensitive Johnsons wipes - 1 Tommee Tippee 260ml size 1 teat bottle - 1 Tommee Tippee formula container - 1 pack of fragranced nappy sacks - 1 pack of pocket tissues - 1 tub of Sudocrem (125g) - Johnsons baby bath (200ml) - Johnsons baby shampoo (200ml) - Johnsons baby oil (100ml) - Johnsons baby lotion (200ml) - Johnsons Talcum Powder (200ml) - 1 Soft Fleece Baby Blanket - 1 Knotted Newborn Hat - 1 Bandana Bib - Pair of Scratch Mittens - 1 Travel Shampoo - 1 Travel Conditioner - 1 Hygiene Gel - 1 Travel Deodorant - 1 Travel Bodywash - 1 Dental kit (Brush and Toothpaste) - 1 Portable Changing Mat - 1 Lipbalm - 1 Pack of 10 Glucose Tablets - 1 Small Hairbrush - 1 Muslin 

In the organic option the nappies and baby products are replaced with Beaming Baby nappies and Organic Baby products, and in the breastfeeding option you get everything that comes as standard, plus a tube of lanolin cream. There is an extra cost for the breastfeeding option.

I think the contents of the bag have been so well thought out. I would never have thought to pack something like the glucose tablets or a toothbrush, or even tissues. They offer brilliant value for money with all the items that you get inside - you can pay this sort of price for a bag alone! And it is going to save me a lot of hassle when it comes to packing my hospital bag. Even though I'm now most likely planning for a home birth, as part of that the midwife has asked that a bag is packed ready in case I need to transfer in or simply change my mind. Of course, I won't take all of the contents if/when I go to hospital; for example, things like the baby wash and baby shampoo will be kept for use at home, and I'm planning on breastfeeding this baby so won't need to take the bottle, but it will come in useful for when I start donating to the milk bank again.

And the bag itself is so pretty, so stylish, I love it! It will make a great changing bag to use once the baby is here and I could even use it as an overnight bag if we go away for a weekend. It's very spacious but not so big that it is cumbersome to carry and it hooks perfectly to the back of my pushchair.

You can see all of the bags in Little Bambino Bags range here and they are also on Facebook where there are often offers and giveaways, so do give them a 'like'! 

What was your hospital bag must-have item?

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  1. I was the same and followed what the websites told me, meaning I took a ridiculous amount of things into hospital. I think I had something for every scenario which really wasn't necessary (hindsight is a wonderful thing). I really like this idea though, I wish it was around when I was pregnant!


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