Review & Giveaway: Moony Japanese Nappies

As most of you know I'm a cloth bum mum and love reusable nappies. Ian has never liked the idea of cloth nappies though, refusing to even try them, so we have always had disposable nappies as well. He's not getting out of nappy changes that easily! And sometimes disposable nappies are more convenient, like when we go on holiday. Recently I've heard people talking about Japanese brands of nappies like Moony, Merries and Goo.n, and was curious as to why they were so popular. Japanese Nappies have recently brought these brands to the UK and offered to send me some Moony nappies to review. They are also offering the chance for you to win some Japanese nappies for yourself!

Moony Japanese Nappies

Moony are a brand of nappies made in Japan and a lot of parents believe that they're the best nappies you can get. They're made from natural materials and offer protection from leaks as well as protecting baby's skin from irritation. The first thing I noticed about these nappies is how soft they are, they are so much softer than any of the UK brands that I have tried. And I'm sure I've tried them all! The inside feels ultra soft and so does the outside of the nappy. I also noticed how thin they are compared to our brands; they're as light as feather and really slim-fitting. You'd think J has pants on not a nappy under his clothes! 

The Moony nappies have cute Disney-themed pictures on the outside with Winnie the Pooh, toy soldiers and little trumpets. They have a wetness indicator so you can tell easily if the nappy needs changing as the lines change from yellow to blue when the nappy is wet, something I've only ever seen on newborn nappies in the UK. The inside of the nappy has several layers; on the top is a 3D-processed wavy lining, made from natural cotton, which makes the nappies more breathable. It is silky soft and suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. The inner layer of the nappy absorbs pee and forms a gel to keep wetness locked inside and away from baby's skin. I particularly liked that the nappies don't swell up and go all saggy like disposables usually do.

Moony nappies have a stretchy band all the way round which allows babies and toddlers to move and play without feeling restricted. The leg cuffs are also soft and stretchy and so are the Velcro tabs, so I can get a great fit as well as J being able to run and play comfortably. Our Moony nappies are in size L which fits babies and toddlers weighing between 9-14kg. They fit J perfectly well and were really absorbent. We have been using these nappies for several weeks now and haven't experienced a single leak in that time. 

The nappies are quite expensive compared to most but they are fantastic quality and I don't think any other brand of disposable nappy is as great as these. They're comfortable, slim-fitting, absorbent and good for sensitive skin. You can find out more about Moony, Merries and Goo.n nappies and pull-ups at Japanese Nappies and the nappies are also sold on Amazon

Win Japanese Nappies! 

If you'd like to try some Japanese nappies for yourself, simply complete one or more of the entry options on the Rafflecopter widget below. UK residents only, ends 24/04/16, see T&CS here.

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