Mini Style: Bobux Blaze Shoes for Confident Walkers

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly my children grow out of clothes and shoes. One minute everything fits perfectly fine and the next, they look like little giants trying to squeeze into their outfits. I was never in a rush to get J into shoes and waited until he was wanting to walk outside before getting him his first pair, as I know that being barefoot is best for developing feet. Now that he is such an active 18-month old and is always running, jumping, climbing it was time to get him shoes to designed for this stage, and the Bobux Blaze shoes from their Play range looked perfect.

Bobux have always championed foot health and all of their shoes are podiatrist-endorsed. Their innovative PLAY range is new for 2016 and has been designed around the way children use footwear during play. Whether they're running, jumping, climbing or kicking, Bobux have used cutting state of the art technology to create a range of shoes to support healthy feet, and with awesome designs, too.

J was sent a pair of Bobux Blaze shoes (£42.00) which are for confident walkers. His shoes feature the Snow Wolf design in Hawaiian Blue, a colour that also features in the Xplorer range for crawlers and first walkers. There are three other designs in the Blaze collection: Cheetah Blazing Yellow, Hi Tiger Flame which is a hi-top shoe, and Unicorn Fushcia. The vibrant animal graphic on the inside of the shoes is fun and engaging, and it also helps them to learn left from right. If the wolves are facing each other then the shoes are on the right foot! 

Bobux Blaze are made with nanomesh, synthetic leather, and micro armour outer and have a cotton melange lining. They feature the new Bobux sole, which has been inspired by Formula 1 tyres to give good grip and maximum traction. The sole is made from durable, lightweight and flexible rubber making them the lightest I-Walk shoes ever, and have an extended micro armour toe cap to protect the shoes from scuffs, while the tread on the toe and heel areas have been specially angled for better grip and stability during play. The elasticated laces and adjustable velcro straps make the shoes easy to fit and adjust; J can even do it himself now!

J is such an active child; he is always tearing around and I call him my little mountain goat as he loves to climb so Bobux Blaze are the ideal shoes for his needs. I feel confident that his growing feet are protected and supported, with plenty of room to grow and move, and his shoes just look awesome, too. He certainly stands out from the toddler group crowd wearing these! Head over to Bobux to find out more about these and other shoes in their range. 

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We were sent a pair of Bobux shoes to review.


  1. I think bob are a great brand - really like the look of these ones!

  2. These look comfortable, but also sturdy for the little ones big adventures in the outside world. As I'm not a mum yet, I hadn't actually considered how much thought should go into your child's shoes. Great post x

  3. I'm quite lucky with Tyler, he stays in the same shoe size for ages! He's very fussy with shoes, but this is his style with the Velcro strap. I like the wolf feature to tell left and right too xx

  4. These shoes look great! Perfect for toddlers on the move. The quality and material look great

  5. Aw these are really cute - and thank god for a Velcro strap eh x

  6. Those little shoes are fab Sian! I love it, and I agree about the velcro strap - it's really hard when your little ones first learn to take them shoes on and off if you have something complicated :) H x

  7. I hadn't heard of this brand before. Their designs are lovely - so colourful! I know my boys would love them x

  8. I really love the look of these. They look so comfy! X

  9. What a gorgeous pair of shoes. I love the colour and they look great quality too. x


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