Garden Craft Idea: Colourful Mini-Beast Wooden Plant Labels

This month the Bostik Blogger craft box had a garden/mini beast theme to it, and once again I've come up with a really easy craft idea that any toddler or preschooler will be able to do. My three- and one-year olds enjoyed the sticking of the mini beasts to the labels and it was really quick to do. Best of all, it's totally mess-free!


After recently having my garden made over, I've been determined to start a vegetable patch. You can't beat home-grown food and hopefully it will get Little N a bit more interested in actually eating some! We made some colourful wooden plant labels so that we know what our fledgling seedlings are.


To make a set of colourful mini-beast wooden plant labels you will need:

- Bostik Glu Dots
- coloured lollipop sticks
- felt or foam mini-beasts
- a pen


Here's how we made our colourful mini-beast wooden plant labels:

- Apply a Bostick Glu Dot to the end of the lollipop stick.
- Stick the foam/felt mini-beast to the Glu Dot.
- Carefully write the name of the plant or veggie that you're growing.
- And your plant labels are ready to go in the ground! Easy! 


What other garden-themed craft activities should we try? Let me know in the comments below!

With thanks to Bostik for providing the craft materials

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