Food Friday – Lunch @ Hermitage Rd. Bar and Restaurant

My friend Lauren is off work as it’s the school holidays so on Monday we met up for lunch at one of my favourite local places: Hermitage Rd. Bar and Restaurant in Hitchin.

hermitage rd pulled pork sandwichhermitage rd warm brownie ice cream salted caramelhermitage rd ice cream peanut butter

We both chose the pulled pork, apple & rhubarb compote sandwich (£6) which came with a small portion of fries. I shared mine with Baby N. For dessert Lauren chose the ice cream (£4.50) – a scoop each of peanut butter, vanilla and strawberry – while I had the warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream (it should have been peanut butter ice cream but I changed it) and salted caramel (£6). I didn’t share this with Baby N; he had a rice cake. I’m sure he enjoyed it as much as I did the brownie!



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    1. Good presentation makes such a difference! xx

  2. Oh my gosh, those desserts - especially that brownie!!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.

    1. It was so good I had it again yesterday. Oops xx


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