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When Baby N was a couple of months old I noticed a tiny dry patch of skin on his chest. I duly moisturised his skin daily but the patch just got bigger, and redder, until he had big red angry blotches all over his back and chest. The doctor said it was baby eczema and prescribed Oilatum which seemed to stop it getting any worse but didn’t help his skin get better. I remembered that my fiancĂ© had used Gentle Green Soothing Cream in the past and since it’s made from completely natural ingredients I thought it would be worth trying on Baby N to see if it would help him.

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The ingredients list makes it sound like you could eat it: shea fruit butter, avocado butter, coconut butter, sunflower oil, rosehip seed oil, hemp seed oil, sea buckthorn fruit, marshmallow, calendula, chickweed, St John’s wort, nettle leaf, Roman chamomile, manuka and lavender. That’s it. No synthetics or nasties to be found here!

In the jar it’s a fairly solid balm which softens to an almost liquid consistency when rubbed between your fingers. It smells very much like chamomile tea! You don’t need to use too much but be warned, a few of Baby N’s vests have been stained slightly yellow. I think this must be from the sea buckthorn. I decided that I would gladly put up with stained vests if it meant his skin would get better.

I ended up with a routine of applying Oilatum after Baby N’s morning bath, then applying Oilatum and Gentle Green Soothing Cream alternately at each nappy change, then smothering Gentle Green Soothing Cream at night time. It took a good couple of weeks of doing this but his back and chest are now completely clear. He still has a small patch inside each elbow and a small patch on his shoulder which I’m having to use a steroid cream on but otherwise I’m delighted with the improvement.

Gentle Green Soothing Cream isn’t cheap, it costs £30, but it does work and my little boy is no longer scratching himself to sleep or waking up crying because he’s itchy! You can buy it here.

Have you ever suffered with eczema? How do you manage it?



  1. Aww so glad this worked for Baby N! Sounds amazing xx

  2. I don't suffer from eczema but I do get really rough and sensitive dry skin and I find just pure coconut oil does the trick. I don't really like putting chemicals on my skin and too many ingredients just make it worse for me so it's perfect.. Plus I smell like a coconut! <3

  3. I was looking for something like this for Tyler Lee's skin and thought it sounded great but then I saw the price tag, no way I could afford that for a balm. Glad it worked for Baby N thought xo

    Fiona @

  4. Thanks for the review Sian.At Gentle green we never compromise on quality and potency of our ingredients hence the price tag.A little goes a long way however and feedback from customers tells us that when customers use the soothing cream regularly at least twice a day initially then the skin begins to repair and the long term resulting inhealthier skin and so cost effective.Mineral oil based products have an initial soothing effect but in the long term stop the skin regulating and producing oils causing further drying and compromising the bodies own healing abilities.Glad that gg soothing helped your little one.All the best Hannah,formulator at Gentle Green.

  5. I have used this stuff before and it seemed to help me a little maybe 15-20 percent. I have been looking into how to tighten skin and keep it from getting dry and am wondering if a mineral bath is a good way to go. They do that sort of stuff in spas and stuff right?


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