Review: Orchard Toys Giant Railway & Colouring Books

What do your children like to do on rainy days? When we're stuck at home on a rainy day like today my boys love to get their jigsaw puzzles out, build railways with their wooden train sets and get the arts and crafts out. One of the new products from Orchard Toys is their Giant Railway, a 22-piece floor puzzle, and they've also got some fantastic colouring books that come with stickers to go on each page. The boys have had a great morning making railways and colouring in!

Orchard Toys Giant Railway is an interchangeable railway-themed jigsaw puzzle. There are 22 large railway track pieces which can be put together in all sorts of ways. Some of the pieces feature different style trains, and there are also train, animal and character play pieces which stand upright. 

The puzzle pieces are large and easy to put together so Little N was able to create his own railway track with just a little help from me to to make sure it would be a complete track. If you get stuck for ideas there are some suggestions on the side of the box but it is great to let the children get stuck in and work it out for themselves. J even had a go and it was sweet watches his face as he worked out how to connect the pieces. Once the puzzle was complete the boys picked a train play piece each and raced each other round the railway track.

Orchard Toys Giant Railway is compatible with the other giant puzzles in the range, such as Giant Road and Giant Town, There are also Airport, Junctions and Stations expansion packs so children can build entire towns and systems using the puzzles! The giant puzzles are £13.95 and the expansion packs are £7.50.

The colouring books from Orchard Toys are fantastic, we have the Make Believe and Animals colouring books. They have 24-pages filled with fun, bold characters to colour in and there are also stickers that go on each page. Little N had so much fun colouring in and finding the right sticker for the right page, although I was often called upon to help! I love how much of an imagination he has, choosing to do a blue mermaid and a pink monster and a purple pig.

Something that I really like about the Make Believe colouring book, is that it not specific to boys or girls. It has a mix of characters such as mermaids, superheros, princesses, wizards and monsters. The different characters come in both genders which is really refreshing in a world of "colouring books for boys" and "colouring books for girls". Orchard Toys Colouring Books are £3.99.

Head over to Orchard Toys to see more of their new products.

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*We were kindly sent a selection of Orchard Toys products to review.


  1. My boy would love these, it's all his fave things rolled into one; train track, animals an jisaws! x

  2. My boys would love that! They have something very similar to the train track but as a road :) H x

  3. These look great, I'm sure my Daughter would like the Make believe colouring book and my nephews are really into trains.Great Birthday present ideas!

  4. Aww my little boy would love them, he is train mad!!!! Although Thomas is his fav.

  5. Aww my little man would love this :) he has a fair bit of train track already but nothing like this, it's fab xx

  6. My girls would love something like this. My youngest loves jigsaws

  7. The train-track is fabulous!!! My boys would absolutely love it — they're train mad at the moment!! What a fantastic product! :)

  8. My little boy would love something like this. Although he's only 17 months, so will probably end up eating the train set, ha!

  9. I love orchard games, they have just got them perfect for little ones. This one looks great too


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