Review: Inlight Organic Restorative Body Butter & Nyp&Baby Balm

Inlight Organic Skincare is a luxury, 100% organic skincare company based in Cornwall. I've previously written about their Organic Face Cleanser, which you can read about here. Inlight have just last week relaunched a collection of products designed for new mums and I had the pleasure of trying out the Organic Restorative Body Butter and the Nyp & Baby soothing balm. Read on to find out more about these nourishing products and use my 20% discount code to try them for yourself.

Regular readers will know how much I love using oils in my skincare routine and at the heart of every Inlight product is their unique Bio-lipophilic Matrix; a blend of pure, organic, cold pressed vegetable oils that have been carefully selected for their biochemical affinity with the human skin. The mix helps to give back to the skin the essential elements it needs to be nourished and regenerated. 

Inlight Organic Restorative Body Butter is a 100% organic blend of over twenty oils and botanicals which come together to form a nourishing treatment balm for dry or sensitive skin. It can be used anywhere on the body and is particularly wonderful for use during and after pregnancy to help prevent stretchmarks and restore smoothness.

Among the ingredients are arnica, witch hazel, nettle and bilberry which tone and restore the skin. It also has evening primrose, jojoba and sesame oil which have a high concentration of vitamin E to help regenerate the skin and beta carotene and vitamin A, both of which are antioxidants, from the carrot and rosehip oil.

The butter is a soft balm and the heavy glass jar comes with a little wooden spatula for easy application. The butter melts to the consistency of a light oil upon contact with the skin and is quickly absorbed, only a small amount is needed as it goes a long way. It is applied by massaging gently into the skin at first and then becoming more firm in a circular motion which helps to aid lymphatic drainage and stimulate circulation. It smells absolutely wonderful, with a light scent of flowers and herbs to make it a truly pampering experience. It is deeply nourishing and hydrating, yet so light, and leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and smelling beautiful. Inlight Organic Restorative Body Butter is £49.00 for a 60ml jar, if you use discount code SIAN20 you will receive 20% off (offer ends 27/03/16). 

Nyp & Baby is a soothing, 100% organic balm for delicate skin that is truly versatile. It has been formulated to be used as a soothing nipple balm during pregnancy and breastfeeding and as a healing nappy cream. It can also be used to moisturise and heal any sore, dry or irritated areas of skin on anyone in the family - not just mum and baby! 

The balm is a blend of oils and botanicals with soothing, healing and nourishing properties and the food-grade oils and plant extracts are perfectly safe for babies. Calendula, olive oil and rose oil are the key ingredients that make this balm so gentle and calming on delicate skin. 

The balm comes in a metal tube and a gentle squeeze is all that is needed to dispense as much as you need. A little goes a long way so just use a small amount to begin with, you can always apply more if needed. The packaging makes it ideal for carrying in the changing bag so that it is always to hand as it is useful for so many things. The balm melts into the skin and is quickly absorbed leaving the skin feeling soft and nourished. Nipples are soothed and baby's bottom is protected, and the earthy scent of the calendula is calming and relaxing. Inlight Nyp & Baby is £19.50 for 75ml, if you use discount code SIAN20 you will receive 20% off (offer ends 27/03/16). 

Inlight have a wide range of skincare products which are all natural and organic, so do have a look at what else they have to offer. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

*I was kindly sent these products to review.


  1. Organic products all the way! I don't have any children yet, but I'll definitely be following suit and choosing products that I know are safe and healthy for my baby x

  2. I've not heard of these before but they sound great!

  3. These sound great, I love all the ingredients in the body butter, it must smell amazing, shame I'm on a tight budget, even with the code it's to much for me x

    1. Hello! just wanted to let you know, you can purchase samples of our products to try, you can then redeem the price when buying the full product :)

  4. Oohh Sian that looks so lovely. Your photography is absolutely fabulous too by the way. I stopped using body butters and things once I had Edie - I'm just exhausted all the time and forget to have time for me... I must get it back! H x

  5. I love natural beauty products and love that these are organic. I'm going to check out the body butter!

  6. These sound lovely, I am trying to use more natural products now. I love the photos you have taken of the products too.

  7. This might be something I have to mention to my hubby. It could be really good for his leg. Thanks for sharing with us.


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