Review: Tickle Tots Cloth Nappy

Before I had children I never thought I would get so excited over nappies. But I do! As a cloth bum mum I love trying out new types and cooing over pretty prints. Last month we added a new nappy to our stash: a gorgeous teal chevron nappy from Tickle Tots which I was sent to review.

Tickle Tots is a line of reusable, cloth nappies from Little Fox Clothing. The company has a strong eco-friendly ethos, believing in fair wages, minimal recyclable packaging, a paperless office, and for every 1,000 nappies created a tree is planted.

Tickle Tots cloth nappies are all-in-one nappies, meaning they go on as they are with no need for a separate wrap or insert, though they do come with a second insert so you can "boost" the absorbency. The nappy has a soft waterproof outer shell and an absorbent core made of four layers of bamboo fleece terry. The core is covered with a stay-dry lining which wicks moisture away from your baby's bottom so they feel dry and comfortable. 

The nappy has poppers on the front so that the size can be adjusted as baby grows and has velcro fastenings, so they are done up just like disposable nappies. Perfect if you are looking for fool-proof nappies to take to a childminder or nursery. The nappies also have velcro laundry tabs to stop the nappies getting attached to anything else during the wash. They can be laundered in the washing machine at temperatures up to 40°c and then either line or tumble dried. 

The nappy has a pocket to the rear; this is where you put the extra insert for when more absorbency is needed. This is great for nap-times or if you have a super duper power peeing toddler like I do! I use the nappy with the extra insert yet the nappy still has a really slim fit. In fact it is one of the slimmest fitting nappies I have tried, and believe me I have tried a lot! 

For added protection against leaks the legs have a double gusset. This makes the world of difference to getting a good fit and helps stop any sneaky leaks. A double gusset is especially great with younger babies who aren't on solids yet, whose poos are a little, umm, explosive.

The core insert of the nappy can't be removed which means is is one of my slower drying nappies, however the pocket means I can turn it inside out and that really helps speeding up the drying process, especially if it is a sunny day. I line dry my nappies and my Tickle Tots nappy is usually dry within a day. As we're heading into springtime I am sure the drying process will become quicker on sunnier days.

I get a good 2.5-3 hours out of this nappy before it becomes too saturated, and that is fantastic considering I have a 17 month old who does power pees! I would expect that with a younger baby the nappy would last the same without the need for the extra insert. I haven't used it as a night nappy as I prefer two-parters at night, but with an extra insert or two and the added protection of the double gusset I can see this being a good choice for night times. 

Tickle Tots reusable cloth nappies come in a range of stylish, modern designs. There are block colours, chevrons and a whale print that is super cute. The nappies cost £16.99 each and there are also a variety of sets which work out cheaper if you're looking to buy a few. You can buy from Tickle Tots directly or from several of the nappy retailers. I'm really impressed with our Tickle Tots nappy and think it may have just snuck into my top 3 favourite brands! 

Do you use cloth nappies? Have you tried Tickle Tots? What are your favourite brands?

*I was sent a Tickle Tots nappy to review.


  1. I have been buying a few different cloth nappy brands so I can compare them, this one looks really well made and the prints are very sweet Xx

  2. We tried Tickle Tots recently too - it really is a good all rounder.

  3. Oh these are so cute! Have you heard of G nappies? We tried them once and I loved them but sadly we went back to disposables after we just didn't have the patience to cloth... these kinds of lovely designs make me wish we'd put more effort in! H x

  4. I attempted cloth nappies but because I had so much else going on (PND, 2 house moves, broken washing machine etc) I couldn't get the hang of them. If I was to have another I would definitely try again though, I know in different circumstances I would've really adapted to them x

  5. I don't have kids, but I've changed a good few nappies in my time between my little sister and babysitting for neighbours. None of them have ever been cloth nappies, so I'm a total newbie when it comes to their use. I really like the functionality and style of these tickly tots ones. I'd definitely be up for giving them a try if I have kids of my own x

  6. I have never used cloth nappies to be honest when the girls were younger I didn't know anything about them! They look so much nicer though don't they x

  7. I really didn't know enough about cloth nappies in the early days of Amelia and then felt it was too late. But if or when I have more children it's something il definitely look into. I really love how they look as well as all the other benefits!


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