Playtime: VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 Review

A few months ago VTech sent Jude a Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 to try out. But with moving house and getting settled in we've only recently had the chance to play with it properly. 

Now you might be thinking, why does a four-year old need a smart watch? To be honest, before I had children, I had all these ideas of my kids having sensible, wholesome toys and games to play with and that battles over screen time wouldn't happen because we just wouldn't have them. But actually, these kids are going to grow up and do jobs that might not have even been invented yet, because of how quickly technology is developing. So now I'm of the opinion that I should embrace it, let my children try things and use devices, albeit with some limits! 

So back to Jude's new smartwatch. VTech have been developing electronic educational products for children for nearly 40 years and are a world leader when it comes to toys for learning. Their products are designed to enrich children's development and make learning fun.

The Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 by VTech is a clever multifunctional watch that looks just like mummy and daddy's, but has been created for kids! It allows them to take pictures, record videos, play games, tell the time and so much more! It's aimed at children aged between 4-12 years old, although in my opinion I think it's more suited to the younger end of this age group. It has a comfortable, durable strap, a 1.4" colour touch screen and splash proof design. 

The smartwatch has two cameras so that children can take selfies as well as snapping what's around them, and then apply cool effects to their photos. There are lots of fun games to play, including a super cool Monster Detector game which encourages children to be active and explore as they look for the monsters using augmented reality (kind of like Pok√©mon Go). The watch has a motion sensor for active play challenges, a pedometer for tracking steps, and for learning how to tell the time there are lots of customisable digital and analog watch faces to choose from. 

Jude has found it really easy to use his watch and hasn't needed too much help from me. His favourite thing to do with it is taking photos - he has filled his with lots of photos of Essie playing, and lots of selfies that he has added special effects to. He also really enjoys using the sounds and playing with the games. There is a game featuring a little mouse and he absolutely loves it! 

Some of the functions of the watch are a little too advanced for Jude at the moment, as he is only four, but he is happy with what he can do with it for now and as he gets older I am sure he will learn how to do more with it. In that respect it's a toy that should last for a few years of enjoyment and not one that he will suddenly get bored of! 

And from my point of view, I like that it is durable and splash-proof, as things are always getting dropped or spilled (or both!) in this house and that the battery is rechargeable using the USB cable supplied. There is nothing more frustrated than something running out of power and having no spare batteries! 

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 costs £49.99 and is available at all good retailers nationwide.

Are your children into tech? Do you allow screen time?

With thanks to Vtech for sending us a Smartwatch to review.

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