Sweet Vegan Treats from Swizzels!

Next month it will be three years since I decided to go vegan. At first finding vegan goodies was a little tricky, but now there is SO much choice! My husband decided to go vegetarian at the same time and one of the things that I have most often been caught out on is sweets. He has such a sweet tooth so I often grab him a packet of sweets when doing the shopping, only to get home and realise that they contain something like gelatine. Gah! 

Imagine my delight at finding out that Swizzels have heaps of vegetarian and vegan friendly sweeties to choose from, including their tasty new Drumstick and Refreshers Choos. November was World Vegan Month and to celebrate Swizzels sent us a selection of Choos and other veggie-friendly products from their range, including Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Fizzers, Fruity Pops, Double Lollies and, my childhood favourite, Rainbow Drops. All totally suitable for vegetarians AND vegans! 

Drumstick lollies were always my favourite lolly when I was little but they contain gelatine so I haven't had one in years. The new Drumstick Choos are totally vegan meaning I've been able to enjoy the taste again, hurrah! The packs contain five double flavour combinations including peaches & cream and strawberry & banana, which I didn't even know existed it has been that long!

As a teen I spent a huge amount of my lunch money on Refresher bars and other sweets from the ice cream van that came to my school every lunch time (what would Jamie Oliver think of that?!) Like Drumstick lollies they contain gelatine, so I've missed out on them for a while, but the new Refreshers Choos are vegetarian and vegan-friendly! These soft, chewy sweets come in five fizzy flavours and have the unique sherbet centre just like the bars. 

The only downside to finding out about all these vegan Swizzels treats is that the children love them too and have chomped their way through most of them. I have managed to save a bag of each of the Choos to hide for me and Ian though. What can I say, we're just big kids at heart! 

With thanks to Swizzels for sending us a selection of treats to try.

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