Beauty Spot: Superdrug Eyebrow Tint & Shape Review

You'd think with my complexion and dark hair that I'd be blessed with lovely, thick eyebrows, but you'd be wrong! Instead I have sparse brows made up of the tiniest, finest hairs EVER. Which means that combined with the aforementioned complexion my brows are barely visible. So every month I get my eyebrows threaded and each morning I use make-up to fill and define them.

I've been getting my eyebrows threaded at Superdrug for a few years now, after discovering that that was where my friend, who always has perfect eyebrows, got hers done. Recently Superdrug offered to send a voucher for me to try out their instore beauty services and as I already love their threading service I decided to try having my eyebrows tinted as well this time. 

The thing I love most about getting my eyebrows done at Superdrug, apart from the finished result of course, is that I don't need to book. I have a terrible habit of forgetting about appointments whenever I book them, so it's much more convenient for me to be able to walk in somewhere as and when it suits me. In all the years that I've been going here there's only been one time that I have had to wait and that was because it was a Saturday in late December, when everyone was trying to get their beauty treatments in time for Christmas! 

The only thing I don't like about getting my eyebrows done at Superdrug is that I do feel a little bit like I'm on show, as the treatments are carried out in store in the middle of the make-up section. That's why I usually go in mid-week when it's quieter and there's less of an audience, which is what I did this time.

Waiting for the tint to develop..!

The tint was done first and I chose dark brown for my brows. You need to have a patch test done when having any tinting to check for sensitivities. The tint was applied then left for a few minutes to develop. My stepdaughter had come with me and she found this part HILARIOUS! Once the tint had developed it was gently wiped away to reveal darker, glossier brows. After checking that I was happy with the colour, the technician began shaping. 

With threading, technicians use a piece of twisted cotton thread to glide through the brows close to the skin and pull out the errant hairs. Of all the brow shaping techniques I've tried, threading is by far my favourite, as it is so precise and so quick, and it's fairly painless, although of course pain is subjective! If you're sensitive, try taking a paracetamol half an hour before to help. 

I have always had a good experience getting my brows done at Superdrug and was really pleased with the end result. The darker tint made my brows look much more defined and the shape really makes a difference to my face overall. I never think my brows have got that out of shape, but after getting them done I always look so much more awake! I'm not sure if I will continue to get my brows tinted in future, perhaps just for special occasions, however I expect I'll be come here to get my eyebrows shaped forever! 

Threading costs from £5 and tint from £10, check with your local Superdrug store for a complete list of services and prices. 

Do you get any regular beauty treatments? How do you do your eyebrows?

With thanks to Superdrug for sending a voucher to try their instore beauty services in exchange for a review.

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