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Nappy rash is something that affects a lot of babies and toddlers, with up to a third experiencing it at any one time. My children have generally been lucky and very rarely suffer with nappy rash, but all three have had it a handful of times. Teething, being poorly or being in a nappy for a long time (such as night-time) seem to have been the main causes of soreness with my brood - and eating blueberries! 

Bepanthen, the nappy rash experts, got in touch with me and wanted to send a little care package including their Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment for us to try. Essie has recently cut her first two teeth and with that came the excessive drooling that always seems to cause a bit of nappy rash with my children, so it was really great timing! Babies' skin is very absorbent and delicate, which is why it needs extra care compared to adult skin. Especially at bedtime, when nappies are on for the longest period of time, it's even more important to keep Essie's bottom protected from the causes of nappy rash. 

What causes nappy rash?

Did you know that nappy rash is actually an inflammation of the baby’s skin caused by prolonged contact with a damp nappy? The causes of nappy rash are:

• Your baby’s skin being in contact with wee or poo (stools) for a long time
• The nappy rubbing against your baby’s skin
• Not cleaning the nappy area or changing the nappy often enough
• Soap, detergent or bubble bath
• Alcohol-based baby wipes
• Your baby recently taking antibiotics, affecting their poo.

How does Bepanthen help?

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment protects against the causes of nappy rash by forming a breathable, transparent layer. This layer not only protects even the most delicate skin but also cares for it with pro-vitamin B5, which aids the natural recovery of skin and keeps it soft and moisturised. This makes it perfect to use at night-time! 

Bepanthen is the only leading nappy care product meeting all the *9 gold standards of an ideal nappy care product, which means Bepanthen:

Is clinically proven for babies delicate skin
Enhances the natural protection of the skin
Maintains optimum moisture levels
No unnecessary ingredients
Contains ingredients with documented safety and benefit
Is free from potentially toxic ingredients
Is free from potential sensitisers such as fragrances
Contains no antiseptics or preservatives
Is pleasant to use

I've been trying to remember to use Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment on Essie at each nappy change, especially when getting her ready for bed. The tube has a flip-top cap which is a stroke of genius as it can be opened one-handed. This is really helpful if you've got a baby who is on the move; Essie is fond of doing a crocodile roll and crawling off during nappy changes, so I need to keep one hand on her at all times to stop her from escaping! 

Using the nappy cream as a preventative measure against nappy rash, rather than trying to treat the inflammation when it's already there, has really made a difference and she has a much happier bottom! Her two teeth are finally through and the drooling has lessened now, but I'm going to keep applying the cream. As they say, prevention is better than cure!

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment is available at all leading supermarkets, chemists and independent pharmacies. RRP £3.99 for 30g or £7.99 for 100g.

Does your little one suffer with nappy rash? What are your tips?

*Reference: Atherton D, Proksch E, Schauber J, et al. Irritant diaper dermatitis: Best practice management. SelfCare.2015;6(S1):1-11

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