Baby Loves: SnüzPod 3-in-1 Bedside Crib - Full Review + DISCOUNT

One of the nursery items I was most excited about using with Essie was the SnüzPod 3-in-1 Bedside Crib, which was kindly sent to me to review along with some beautiful Snüz bedding and accessories. Like with my two older children, I was keen to have Essie sleep close to me so that the night feeds would be a little easier and I would hopefully get a bit more rest in between feeds. 

Snüz (pronounced snooze) first introduced the ultra stylish SnüzPod back in 2013 and the SnüzPod 2 is the latest version, having had a few slight changes from the original product design. This 3-in-1 bedside crib can be used three ways; as well as a bedside crib it can be used as a standalone crib and as a bassinet. It is available in six gorgeous colours (Sherbet, Dove Grey, Eco White, Blush, Espresso and Putty) as well as a natural wood option, so there is sure to be an option to suit your room's design. 

It costs £199.95 which includes the mattress, putting it at a similar price point to competitor products. Most of the other bedside cribs I looked at are priced between £149-£249, meaning SnüzPod is priced bang in the middle, but what makes it stand out against the others is that it is multifunctional, it has storage and you can buy handy accessories. 

Building my SnüzPod took me quite a lot longer than I had expected. To be fair, I was very heavily pregnant and my two sons were running riot next to me! I would recommend that you build your SnüzPod in the room that it's going to go, as it is fairly heavy once it has been assembled. Even better, get someone else to do it for you! You need to measure the height of your bed to decide which of the seven height settings you need, but otherwise you won't need any tools. An allen key is provided and it is straightforward to assemble, if a little time-consuming.

The thing I actually struggled with the most was attaching the bassinet poppers, for some reason I found them really stiff! On the flipside, this meant they were super secure once I managed to get them done up. And once it was all built it was really easy to attach to my bed using the attachment straps that come with it. Once built it measures L100xD42xH95cm so bigger than some others, but smaller than a cot.

The SnüzPod is made out of sturdy, solid wood and the fabric pod is removable so that it can be washed. It can only be hand-washed, which is something I hate, but in all the time we've had it it hasn't needed washing. Phew! The quilted mattress is really soft and comfortable and the cover of that can be machine washed, however it isn't waterproof so I would definitely recommend that you get the mattress protector (£14.95) to go with it.

I had planned to bring the bassinet part of the SnüzPod downstairs during the day so that Essie could have her naps there, but once I realised how heavy it was I decided to use something else downstairs and just keep the SnüzPod in our bedroom. It is really easy to convert though. To use it as a standalone crib you just need to remove the attachment straps and add a metal rod to the mesh wall side of the pod. And that's it! No faffing around with extra bits pieces. And if you're stronger than me and want to use it as a bassinet, it just lifts off.

Other than keeping Essie close to me, something I  particularly love about the SnüzPod is the storage shelf underneath it. I have put some little seagrass baskets beneath ours so that I can store different things in each, like snuggly toys, blankets and muslin cloths. I also have a Snüz Pocket (£19.95) attached to the end of the bassinet which is where I keep things that I might need during the night like nappies and wipes. I definitely recommend that you get a Snüz Pocket as it means you can reach your essentials without getting out of bed! 

Essie has slept so well in her SnüzPod, at first with her Sleephead Deluxe and then without. I think it helps that the crib is such a compact design as babies aren't overwhelmed with too much space, and of course sleeping so close to me has helped I am sure. The zip-down wall means I have been able to reach Essie quickly and easily, however I have had to make sure I do the zip back up verrrrry slowly otherwise it's a bit noisy and the sound will wake her. 

SnüzPods are designed to use from 0-6 months, but we have used ours slightly longer and Essie only stopped using at 8 months old. That's why I held off on writing my review until now, because one of the questions I have seen people ask many times is "how long does a SnüzPod last?" and I wanted to be able to answer that! The instructions give the maximum recommended weight of child as 10kg and as she was well within this and happy there was no reason to move her out of it until she started sitting. 

I really have loved using our SnüzPod and I am so sad that Essie has outgrown it. It is one of those baby items that I so, SO wish I'd had with my other children, especially with my eldest. It would have been a godsend when I was recovering from my c-section! When people ask me what baby products I recommend getting, this is top of the list. And not just co-sleeper cribs in general - I specifically mean the SnüzPod! I have looked at others when I've attended baby shows and in my opinion, humble as it may be, the more expensive ones don't seem to offer anything that makes them worth the extra money, while the cheaper ones are lacking the storage space. And none looks as stylish as this. So if you're going to get a bedside crib, this is the one I recommend! 

SnüzPod costs £199.95 and includes the crib, luxury mattress, two sets of attachment straps and instructions. The bedding and accessories are sold separately. If you use promo code SNUZFRANKLY10 you'll get a 10% discount! 

With thanks to Snüz for sending us a crib with accessories to review.

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