Mini Style: Ted Wears Organic Winter Pandas Jumper Dress

I have to admit, after two boys, I've been having a lot of fun buying girly clothes for Essie. I'm still in that mindset where I'm tempted to dress her in sleepsuits all the time, as they're super convenient now that she's eating food and I'm changing her a billion times a day! But I love all the little dresses for babies. Especially the jumper dresses from Ted Wears Organic.

I've featured this gorgeous British indie brand on the blog a few times before and I'm sure you would have spotted photos of Essie and Jude in TWO gear on my Instagram. The clothes are made to order from the softest organic cotton and fabrics can be mixed and matched however you like! I'm currently one of their brand reps for the autumn/winter season and this Winter Pandas jumper dress was one of the items Essie was sent. 

The mint green dress can be made in little baby sizes right up to age 5-6 years and prices start at £22. You can even choose different coloured cuffs. I seriously adore this little dress, it's so cute and so soft! I almost, almost, contacted Vicky, who owns TWO, to ask if I could have a jumper made in my size, but thought that might be taking this twinning thing a little too far! Not gonna lie though, I'm kind of regretting the decision not to get one...

You can find Ted Wears Organic on their own website as well as Etsy, Facebook and Instagram. There's also the Ted Wears Organic VIPs Facebook group which is worth joining for sneak peeks, exclusive deals and market night offers! 

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