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I remember the first time I ever tried baby-wearing. It was a few weeks after Noah had been born. We lived in a first floor flat and once Ian was back at work I was stuck inside, unable to carry my pram down the stairs as I was still recovering from the emergency c-section. Friends had recommended trying a stretchy wrap, so I ordered one online and it arrived the day the Christmas lights were being switched on in the town square. I wrapped Noah up and out we went. It gave us freedom and as well as a special closeness; I loved having him snuggled up against me and my love of slings began.

Over the past five years I've tried lots of other types of slings and my collection has had several different sized woven wraps, ring slings and structured carriers - as well as still having that original stretchy wrap that started me off. One carrier brand that I've never tried though, despite its popularity, is BabyBjorn. Several of my friends swore by theirs, but for a long time the "wrap" world knocked the brand for not being as ergonomic as other makes. Then I was emailed about the BabyBjorn One, which is an ergonomic carrier with a fully adjustable seat, suitable for newborn babies and on. I was intrigued to see if it would be as comfortable as my other slings and couldn't wait to try it out.

I chose a BabyBjorn One Air carrier, which is the same ergonomic design as the BabyBjorn One, but made with an airy mesh fabric. The cool mesh makes baby-wearing more comfortable in hot and humid conditions, but I thought would also keep us cool when we are wrapped up in our winter layers!  It comes in seven different colours and I chose the lavender violet shade from the Be You collection which is so pretty. 

The BabyBjorn One Air has four different carrying positions: front facing in (two heights thanks to the in-built newborn support), front facing out and back carry. It goes on over your head like a jumper, and has adjustable, padded waist and shoulder straps. I found it really easy to follow the instructions to get the fit right and to get Essie into the carrier, and once everything is adjusted it doesn't need to be fiddled with again; it's ready to wear! The carrier has adjustable head support to use with newborn and younger babies or sleeping older ones.

The seat of the carrier can be adjusted to ensure that little legs are comfortable and I was really impressed with how well it supported Essie's legs from knee to knee in a perfect 'M' position. I shared a quick snap with one of my pregnancy groups on Facebook and everyone was impressed with the fit. It's quite a padded carrier compared to what I am used to, but feels light and comfortable to wear. I particularly found it comfortable on my shoulders. I am short and have a petite build so sometimes find carrier straps sit too widely, but the BabyBjorn One straps sit exactly where I need them to, thanks to the adjustable back yoke.

The BabyBjorn One Air costs £155 and is supposed to be suitable for use up to age 3. I've never used a carrier beyond about 18 months old but it's nice to have the option and good to know that it's capable of supporting heavier weights. It's a really comfortable, easy-to-use carrier and gets a big thumbs up from me. To see more of the BabyBjorn Be You collection, pop over to their website

With thanks to BabyBjorn for sending us a baby carrier to review.

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