90 Day Spending Ban – Update #6

Day 88! So close to the end of the spending ban! Just the one simple rule, I cannot buy something new if I have that type of product already in my stash. You can read Update #1 here, Update #2 here, Update #3 here, Update #4 here and Update #5 here.

Since the last update I have got through a couple of shower gels, a couple of body scrubs, a body lotion and a facial moisturiser!

I raided my stash and picked out a Korres Guava Little Shower Gel that I got in February’s Birchbox. It was only little so ran out quickly, so I also picked Nivea Pearl and Beauty Shower Cream Oil that I got in a Christmas gift set. I picked out Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub which was also a Christmas gift. I had a second tube of Yon-Ka Pamplemousse from a giveaway so cracked that open and I had a bottle of E45 Nourish & Restore Lotion arrive in the post this week so that was great timing!

I had been using Soap & Glory Eye Maintenance but I really didn’t like it, so it went in the bin. I bought Boots Time Delay Youth Maintain Anti-Ageing Replenishing Eye Cream. It was on offer for £5.49 and I still managed to save £46.50 this week!

How are you getting on with the spending ban? Looking forward to the end?



  1. you are doing fantastic! I love Korres Guava Shower gel x

  2. I definitely commend you for this, not sure I have the strength!
    Is the Korres shower gel nice?

    Ekaete x


    1. Yes it's lovely, it makes me think of cocktails on holiday! xx

  3. Great progress! It always feels so good to properly use up the stuff that has been laying around for a long time - it always feels so liberating to me!

  4. Oh wow, you're doing so well! I've been getting into the habit of using things up finally and it's SO good to declutter a little bit <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. I love decluttering, it's so hard to find the time but it's very therapeutic xx


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