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Baby N is now 5 months old and I’m sure he’s teething. It’s not as bad as I expected it to be; I’ve heard so many stories from friends about what a nightmare teething can be, but as long as he has something to chew on then my baby is happy. When I’m out and about though it’s difficult to take teething toys along as he might drop them and I don’t really want to be taking half his toy collection out with us!

A friend mentioned teething jewellery so I googled it and came across Gumigem. Gumigem make gorgeous jewellery with a twist – it’s made out of baby-safe silicone. Totally soft, bendy and safe to chew on. Gumigem is a family-run business – a mum came up with the idea. I love that!

Gumigem teething jewellery miller heart pendant mercury chameleon bangle

Gumigem teething jewellery miller heart pendant mercury bangle chameleon

It took me ages to choose what to get as there are ten different styles of necklace as well as two different choices of bangle. I ended up deciding on a Miller heart pendant (£12.95) in Mercury as I figured silver would go with most outfits. And a Bubba bangle (£8.95) in Chameleon which is multi-coloured. I was going to get Shadow, which is black, because black goes with everything but seeing as this is really more for Baby N than for me multi-coloured would be more stimulating.

As soon as my jewellery arrived in the post I gave the bangle to Baby N to see what he thought. Straight away it went in his mouth; he had a good chew on it and waved it about too. The necklace he was less interested in, probably because it’s not as colourful as the bangle, but he does grab it and put it in his mouth. The receptionist at the children’s centre yesterday said “I love your necklace, it’s really cool!” She couldn’t believe it when I said it was for teething! It just doesn’t look like silicone!

I think this kind of jewellery is a brilliant idea as it means I can still accessorise and look stylish whilst knowing that it’s completely safe if Baby N grabs or tries to eat them. And I will always have a teething toy handy when we’re out and about for the day. I also think the packaging they come in is really nice, these would be lovely gifts for a mum-to-be. Find out more here:



  1. Can't believe he is 5 months already! My little one was a blimming nightmare when he was teething. Virtually no sleep. Never tried teething necklaces but heard they were good x

  2. That's a really good idea, and they look so nice as well! Xo

  3. What a great idea! I'll definitely be checking these out :) xx

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  4. What a fantastic idea!!! I shall share this with my friends with kiddies xxx



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