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Recently we've been reviewing a few different role play toys as this kind of play is something that all of my children love. As well as being lots of fun, it's an important part of a child's development, as it helps them to build confidence, communication skills, problem solving and physical development to name a few! So I am always keen to encourage it and role play toys are always a welcome addition to our playroom. Casdon are a toy brand who make lots of brilliant role play toys; last month we reviewed their toy Dyson vacuum cleaner and this month we are reviewing their Supermarket Till Toy.

The Casdon Supermarket Till is a battery-operated toy with working parts and realistic sounds. It requires 3 x AA batteries and these are not included, so do make sure you have some ready! The till has a working calculator, microphone, scanner, credit card reader and cash drawer. It comes with play money, both notes and coins, a credit card and a selection of play food. 

There is a small amount of "assembly" required; I say this with inverted commas as it is simply placing the stickers on the till and some of the food items. It only took me a few minutes to do the stickers and put the batteries in, but I would suggest doing this well in advance if you have impatient children like mine!

I really love that the till mimics what a real one does, and that the food items are recognisable brands with replica labels. This adds to the fun of it, making the children feel really grown-up and also makes it easier for children to recognise the items. Straight away Essie, who will be two next month, identified the carrot and the milk. They are now her favourite items to "buy" when we are playing shops!

It's not just the role play element that makes this such an appealing toy. Jude, who is four, also likes to play with the coins separately to the till. He enjoys identifying the numbers and finding matching coins, while for six year old Noah it is a fun way for him to practise his maths skills by adding up the money or working out how much change he should give. And for me, it's lovely to see my children all able to play together without too much arguing!

Like other Casdon toys we've had, the Supermarket Till is an affordable toy. I've found it for £21.99 at Argos (affiliate link) and even cheaper on Amazon (affiliate link).

Do your children enjoy role-play? What is their favourite?

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