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My children love role-play, no doubt I've said it before, and I bet your children are the same! It makes them feel so grown-up when they can join in with what Mummy does around the house or copy what they've seen in a shop, for example. It's actually also a very important part of a child's development, as it helps them to build confidence, communication skills, problem solving and physical development to name a few! I think learning through play is so important and am always keen to encourage it. Many of my children's toys are role-play toys and one of the most recent additions is this realistic Casdon Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner which I was sent to review. 

Casdon's Dyson cordless vacuum toy requires very little assembly: the pieces simply click together, just like a real cordless Dyson. There is even an attachment to turn it from a floor vacuum to a handheld cleaner, just like I do with mine! It does require 3 x AA batteries and these are not included, so make sure you have some to hand to avoid any disappointed little faces. It's a very lightweight toy and not too big, so even Essie (who isn't yet 2) can carry it easily.

Aside from the fact that this looks just like a real Dyson, part of its appeal is that it has realistic sounds and a simulated cyclone action, too. When it's switched on via the button just under the handle, the colourful balls swirl around the cylinder to give the impression of it actually hoovering. Even better, it can actually suck up light pieces of fluff and the cylinder opens at the bottom to empty what has been picked up - just like mine! I've not told my children this though, else they will go around trying to hoover up goodness knows what!

My children all love their toy Dyson, but particularly Essie. She is very keen on copying what she sees and I'm not sure whether to be insulted when she pointed at the toy Dyson and said "mummy!" The head of the floor cleaner attachment rotates, just like mine, meaning she can get right into the awkward spots. I've obviously taught her well as she likes to "clean" right under the sofa, getting her brothers to lift their feet so she can do a thorough job. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the price; if I had to guess I would have thought it would be around the £30 mark but you can get Casdon Dyson cordless vacuum toy for £19.99 from Very (affiliate link) which makes it an affordable birthday gift idea. 

Do your children enjoy role-play? What is their favourite?

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