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Little fans of Hey Duggee will have spotted that there was another Royal Wedding that took place in May. Hey Duggee character King Tiger has met his perfect partner and gets married in a brand new episode, titled Hey Duggee & The Wedding Badge.

The squirrels are playing at the clubhouse when there is a knock at the door. Its delivery Chipmunk with a special delivery for Duggee and the squirrels. Duggee opens the envelope and takes out the card inside:

"It is with very great pleasure that I invite Duggee and the Squirrels to my Wedding..." 

WOW, King Tiger is getting married, it’s going to be a royal wedding! The squirrels are to be special Guests of Honour, but who is King Tiger marrying?! The invitation doesn’t say…

The event quickly gets into full swing, but then there is a problem with the bride-to-be’s wedding dress. To the rescue Squirrels!!

Hey Duggee The Wedding Badge And 10 Other Stories

Hey Duggee is a BAFTA and international Emmy award-winning hit series on CBeebies and a firm favourite in our house. It is Jude's current favourite show to watch! This new episode is part of the ninth collection which is filled with laughter, learning and exciting activities in the adventure club that every child will want to join! Duggee is a big lovable dog who is the leader of an after school club, called the Squirrels. Under the patient guidance of Duggee, the Squirrels discover new things about the world around them and their comic adventures encourage young viewers to actively solve a problem by moving, jumping, running and skipping.

The running time of the DVD released on 9th July 2018 is 70 minutes and includes the following episodes:

The Wedding Badge
The Voice Badge
The Island Badge
The Sleeping Badge
The Brave Banana Badge
The Water Badge
The Traffic Badge
The Dressing Up Badge
The Getting On Badge
The Grandparents Badge
The Organising Badge

Who do you think King Tiger is going to marry? Will the Squirrels manage to save the day? If you want to find out then enter my giveaway to win one of three copies of the new DVD. Simply complete one or more of the entry options below. Good luck! UK only, ends 15/07/2018.  Full T&Cs here.

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