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I meant to post this review months ago so huge apologies if you've been waiting to read it! I wrote it back when Essie was six months old, but do you remember we had that choking incident? I struggled for a long time after that and life felt very surreal. And it seems I just forgot to hit publish! I have been having a good sort out of my laptop files today and came across it sitting there, waiting to go live. Big oops! So here it finally is: my review of one of my absolute favourite baby nursery products, the Sleepyhead Deluxe Baby Pod!

What is a Sleepyhead Deluxe? If you're reading this wondering what on earth a Sleepyhead is, then I totally get it. I always thought babies only slept in moses baskets and cots. I didn't know there were other options, let alone options that would make my life easier too! The Sleepyhead Deluxe is a lightweight and portable breathable sleeping pod for babies aged 0-8 months and was the creation of Swedish mum Lisa Furuland, who wanted to find a snug and comfortable alternative to a cot after the birth of her first baby. 

Why choose a Sleepyhead? I planned to use a co-sleeper crib with Essie but also wanted a safe and comfortable space for her to sleep during the day. I didn't want to have to move her crib downstairs or have a moses basket taking up space, and it was also ideal for taking on our holidays instead of a travel cot. In fact, Essie stayed with me in a hotel the night before my wedding, and slept in her Sleepyhead Deluxe next to me!

How do you use it? It really couldn't be easier. You simply take the Sleepyhead out of the bag and it's ready to use! There is nothing to build, no parts to assemble. Essie slept in hers from birth, both in her Snuzpod (our co-sleeper crib) and downstairs for daytime naps. It has a handle on the top end and on one side, and it's really lightweight (less than 1.4kg) it was easy to take it downstairs with us each morning and have on hand whenever she was ready to sleep.

Sleepyheads are really versatile; not only are they great for sleeping and napping in, they can also be used for lounging, tummy time, play time and even nappy changes! As well as the Deluxe Pod there is also the Grand Pod for ages 9-36 months so little ones can continue to sleep in the same snug and familiar environment.

Is it washable? The cover of the Sleepyhead Deluxe is made out of 100% cotton, which is Oeko-Tex certified, and can be easily removed for cleaning by undoing the child-safe zips. A standard washing machine cycle brought our cover out looking like new, and I found it a doddle to put it back on. You can also buy replacement covers, there are loads of gorgeous designs to choose from! The bumper tube can be machine washed if needed, while the mattress wadding can only be hand washed. I have only ever needed to wash the actual cover.

Is it worth it - did it help my baby sleep? Neither of my boys had any sort of sleeping pod like this, so I have a good idea of what Essie would have slept like without her Sleepyhead. And yes, I would say it did help her sleep. The Sleepyhead Deluxe is meant to last until around 8 months old, but Essie outgrew hers by 6 months old. Once we removed it from her crib I did find it much harder to settle her and could just tell she wasn't as comfortable. I think the walls of the pod had helped her feel more snug and secure, and once it was removed she missed that feeling of being cocooned. I was tempted to get a Grand, but persevered with cuddles and eventually she became more settled. 

At £130 it may seem like an expensive purchase for short period of time. But it really is worth it, I wish I'd got one for my other children when they were babies as I probably would have had fewer sleepless nights! It is so beautifully designed and well-made with quality materials, and has been through rigorous safety testing which is something I always think is worth paying a bit more for. Plus, if you have a Sleepyhead it saves you needing to get a travel cot, a daytime crib, a tummy time mat or a lounger. So actually it probably saves money - as well as space! *Click here to shop the Sleepyhead range at John Lewis

What's your baby's bedtime routine like?

With thanks to Enfant Terrible for sending us a Sleepyhead Deluxe Baby Pod to review.

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