Toddler Snackspiration with The Super Yummies Dairy Pots

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Is it just my toddler that seems to have a bottomless pit for a tummy? Jude loves to snack all day long so we've been having fun with The Super Yummies to come up with fun and tasty ideas using their delicious toddler snack products. In this post I'm using the new Dairy Pots from The Super Yummies to create three fun snack ideas, so if you often find yourself stuck for creative snacks to make your toddler then give these a go!

The Super Yummies are a range of toddler snacks that have been developed with mums and nutritionists. The Super Yummies Dairy Pots are made with blended fruit and milk and come in two flavours: Peach & Pear and Strawberry. These smooth and creamy textured pots are source of calcium and are great as a pudding after a meal or as a snack on their own, and because they don't need to be kept in the fridge they're a really handy snack for taking with us when we go out for the day. Jude has been really enjoying the snack ideas I've created for him and I'm sure your toddler will like them, too!

Frozen Strawberry & Raspberry Bark

To make frozen bark I poured a Strawberry Dairy Pot into the bottom of a plastic food storage tub. I scattered a handful of raspberries across the top, sealed the tub and then froze it overnight. Once frozen, I then broke it all up into chunks. This one is perfect for cooling down on sunny days!

Banana & "Custard"

This is a twist on a favourite from my own childhood! For this snack idea simply slice half a banana into a bowl, then pour over a Peach & Pear Dairy Pot and scatter a small handful of raisins. Jude really enjoys this one!

Fruit Kebabs & Strawberry Dip

Jude really loves fruit but a way of making it more fun is to make fruit kebabs which can be dipped into a Dairy Pot. This snack really couldn't be able simpler! I put these cute little bento forks into pieces of fruit ready for Jude to dip into his Strawberry Dairy Pot.

You can find The Super Yummies Dairy Pots only at Morrisons, they come in packs of six 55g pots and cost £2.


  1. The frozen bark is a fantastic idea!!! My daughter is teething and I think this would really help!!

  2. I'm totally trying the frozen bark - love an alternative to ice-cream for the summer days. Thanks so much for the ideas x

  3. Oh Sian these look absolutely fab! Toby is always asking me for something to eat so I may have to nab these ideas x


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