Happy Days: Bees, Blasters & "Boffee"

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Welcome to Happy Days!  Katy and I host this linky with the purpose of inspiring you to make the most of each day, no matter what you've been up to, and to find happiness in every day. It's where I share the little moments that have brought me joy.

We have been so busy this week with sorting final wedding arrangements, I can't believe it is only a week away! Even a small wedding like ours has required so much organising. I am really looking forward to the big day though.

So here's what has made me happy recently

• Bees. Our front garden has a thick lush row of lavender all along the edge and it's currently in full bloom and alive with bees and butterflies. Passersby often stop to admire it which is really nice. Not so nice when they pull stems off though!

• "Boffee". Jude and I stopped by The White House, a local play cafĂ©, so he could play for a bit and I could sit down with a good cup of coffee. I got Jude a babyccino and he was copying me stirring and saying it was his "boffee". How cute is that!

• Water bombs and blasters. It's been another scorcher of a week here but with Essie being so young I have been trying to keep her indoors and in the shade. I got the boys some water blasters and water bombs so that they could have fun in the garden. We did take a trip to the splash park on Friday after school with some of Noah's friends which was a lot of fun for them!

• New clothes. It was my birthday back in April - the same day Essie was born actually! - and I still had birthday money to spend. So I've been buying a few breastfeeding-friendly dresses so that I don't melt during the summer, as well as some fab sale bargains from Joules and Boden to put away for autumn. I got this stripey boatneck and this spotty sweater from Boden, this mustard thin knit jumper from Joules

• Speaking of breastfeeding, if you are looking for clothes that are great for nursing but aren't necessarily nursing clothes, then you must join the Can I Breastfeed In It? Facebook group for lots of inspiration!

• School news. This week we found out which class Noah will go into when he starts reception and he will be in the same class as his best friend. Now I'm not friends with anyone that I knew when I was four years old, in fact I'm only properly in touch with one of my old school friends, but who's to say that these kids might not be friends for life? So I am really happy for him.

• Compliments. I've had lots of compliments about my photography this week which has really cheered me up. I've been feeling a bit meh  and lacking in inspiration but it was a lovely boost to have people say positive things out of the blue.


This weekend I'm getting my hair cut and coloured ready for the wedding next week, and then the boys have a birthday party to go to in the afternoon, so it's a bit of a busy one!

What are you up to this weekend?
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  1. Boffee sounds so cute. Your photography is stunning lovely. Sounds like you've spent your birthday money wisely. I just bought some lavender for the garden it's lovely x

  2. I love lavender. I wanted to put some in our front garden but my son is terrified of bees and getting out of the house on a morning is enough of a struggle as it is. I can't believe people have been picking it though, how rude! All the best for the wedding next week, so exciting! Xx

  3. Oh I love this! We're really enjoying seeing all of the bees at the moment too, and are planning to plant even more flowers next year. And how exciting for Noah that he'll be with his friend! xx

  4. Boffee! That's so cute. Love it when kids mispronounce things. How was the wedding?? Hope it was everything you wanted it to be!

  5. Boffee - literally the cutest thing I've heard! Love it x


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