Essie at 2 Months Old

And once again, I am so late in posting Essie's two month update that month three is now due! I can't tell you how quickly the time is passing, it feels like it has only been a matter of days, but before I know it the days have turned into weeks, weeks into months. She is such a joyous baby, I absolutely adore her and can lose hours simply playing and interacting with her!

If you read my birth story you'll know that Essie was born at home and she weighed an impressive 9lb 4.5oz. She has been steadily piling on the ounces and weighed 11lb 4oz by the time she was a month old. At her eight week check she weighed in at 12lb 4oz and passed all her checks with flying colours. She had her first round of vaccinations as well, which is never enjoyable, but important. She received three injections, two in one leg and one in the other, as well as the oral rotavirus vaccination. She was very sad after her jabs, but by the next day she was back to her happy little self!

Essie has continued to shed her lovely dark hair and now resembles Friar Tuck! It is growing back slowly, with a tuft at the top of her head which is so cute. Her eyes are still blue and are much lighter than they were at birth. I'm wondering if they will stay blue or go green like my eyes. Essie looks so much like Noah did when he was a baby, it is like looking at the same baby sometimes!

Essie seems to be discovering her hands and reaches out for things, although she cannot grab them yet. Instead she bats at them, like when she is playing on her baby gym. We were delighted to see her smile for the first time; after a few "is it just wind?" smiles we were soon sure that it was the real thing. She is such a smiley little baby and I just love the way she beams at me when she sees me. She has been making lots of sounds, she loves to coo and makes an "oh" sound.

Breastfeeding is now going so well that I barely even remember our initial struggles! Her posterior tongue tie doesn't seem to be an issue now as far as feeding is concerned and the health visitor said it wouldn't affect her speech, so I decided not to have it divided. My milk supply has settled and Essie feeds roughly every 3-4 hours during the day.

Sleep is interesting! Essie seems to be very settled at night times now and can do longer stretches of 4-5 hours through the night so I am only up once or twice, depending on what time I go to bed myself. I really didn't expect this to happen at all as my boys were frequent feeders during the night! Essie has been waking up at about 5am for the day so I take her downstairs and enjoy a coffee while the rest of the house sleeps.

People ask me a lot about her clothes, as I am such a big lover of children's fashion. Essie soon outgrew her newborn sized clothes and began wearing her 0-3 month wardrobe, which consists of a lot of cute little dresses! She is always either in a dress or rocking the "just got out of bed" look in a sleepsuit. I think babies are just adorable in sleepsuits so will dress her in them for as long as I can!

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  1. Ah I love reading these updates! Reminds me of my little one when he was at this age. He's close to six months now and all I wish that he was this little baby! Time goes so quickly.

    Jasmin N🌿 |


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