My Baby Shower

I've just realised that I never got around to sharing photos from my baby shower! It was way back at the start of March, a month before my due date. The very lovely Katy brought her camera along and between her and Lucy they managed to capture some memories for me. Thank you girls!

It was less of a baby shower and more of a "let's just get together for tea, cake and giggles before the baby arrives!" I know some people turn their noses up at the idea of baby showers altogether, and think it's a new thing that we don't do in the UK, but I've been attending friends' baby showers for over ten years so it's certainly not new in my experience! It's just a nice way to get people together and celeb

My baby shower was a relaxed afternoon tea held at The White House in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. It's a favourite place of mine, I often take the boys there for a play while I indulge in a coffee and over the past year I've got to know the owner, Charlotte, who is just the loveliest person. She organised a wonderful spread for us, despite having several tricky dietary requirements, and everyone had a lovely time. Huge thanks, Charlotte!

I did say to my friends and family not to bring presents, and that I just wanted them to come and have a nice time with me. But of course they didn't listen! I left with bags and bags of beautiful gifts, with clothes and toys for the baby, and even vouchers for me. I feel very lucky and blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

As you can see everyone had a guess at what they think the baby will weigh. What's your guess?

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