Precious Time

We're coming up to the end of the Easter holidays and boy, do I feel guilty. Every day on Facebook I see friends taking their children out to do all these amazing things. Noah will return to school next week and no doubt his friends will have tales of all the fun things they have been doing over the Easter break. Whereas us, we've not done much at all. And not because we don't want to.

We're usually always doing something, going somewhere, finding somewhere to explore and play. I look forward to the school breaks so that the boys and I can spend time together having fun and creating memories. This break though, we've spent an awful lot of time at home. We've spent a lot of time going to hospital for antenatal appointments. Waiting at home for appointments. And not a lot else. I was 39 weeks pregnant at the start of the holidays and now I'm 41 weeks pregnant, with no sign of the baby coming!

I had hoped the baby was going to come near the start of the holidays, then the four of us could have lots of fun going out together. But that didn't happen. Instead I am overdue, enormous, and just about managing to waddle to where I need to go. But really not capable of taking the boys out and about. Not these boys, they are four and two, full of energy and zest, too much for me to keep up with!

I have tried my best to make it fun though, even if we've not strayed far. I got them some new DVDs - Trolls and Moana - and we've had movie days at home, complete with sweeties and popcorn. We have an awesome park near our home with a huge slide, zipwire and massive sandpit area. It wasn't particularly easy for me to waddle there and back, especially as it means walking down and then back up a steep hill, but they were happy and that makes it worth the struggle!

We've been to the local ice cream parlour where the boys have indulged in their favourite bubblegum ice-cream. On the warmer days, which there haven't been many, we've had the bikes and scooters out so that the boys can practice tearing around the local roads.

Noah even has a new helmet that was sent to him by Kiddimoto. It's the retro-looking blue goggles helmet (£29.99) which is really lightweight and comfortable for him to wear. It's got lots of air vents to keep him cool as he doesn't half work up a sweat when he's scooting! And it's really easy to adjust for a good, secure fit. He looks cool and I know he is super safe.

Now that I've written it down, actually our Easter break hasn't been completely boring. We've managed to squeeze in quite a lot all things considered. Most importantly, we've had a lot of precious time together as a threesome before the newest member joins our little gang.

Have you enjoyed the Easter break?


  1. Oh the parent guilt! It sounds to me like the boys have had a fab holiday and you should be blooming proud you have done anything with them at all at this stage of pregnancy lovely xx

  2. Think back to years ago - we barely did anything in the holidays. Just happy to be at home or playing in the street. Don't have Mum guilt x


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