Review: Thomas & Friends My First All Around Sodor and The Great Race DVD

Does every child love Thomas & Friends? Because it certainly seems that way, if my children and their friends are anything to go by! Little N and all of his friends adore the happy blue engine and now JJ does, too. It's quite interesting to see how he follows the same pattern of interests and phases as his big brother did and now he has his very own little Thomas & Friends toy train set (£39.99 from Smyth's Toys) to play with.

With the Thomas & Friends My First All Around Sodor playset, Thomas is brought to life. He can move his eyes and mouth and interact with his friends as he passes them by on the track. There are three buttons on his roof: one to make him go and stop, and the other two will send him to different locations on the track where he will talk to his friends as he stops or passes them. 

Pressing the yellow button sends Thomas to Tidmouth Sheds to interact with Percy, James, Gordon, and Sir Topham Hatt. while pressing the green button sends Thomas to chat with Cranky at Brendham Docks where you can load and unload cargo. JJ loves when Thomas says "wooooah!" as he passes over Shake Shake Bridge, and Thomas can even be played with off the track. 

Without a doubt this is JJ's new favourite toy, and amazingly he and Little N play with it together - without fighting! They set it up and take turns to press a button and watch Thomas go round. It would be lovely if there were other trains or even more track available to go with it, but as far as I know there isn't yet. If they become available, we'd definitely love to get more!

Also new for this month is the DVD release of The Great Race, the wonderful new Thomas & Friends feature-length movie. In this film engines from around the world are competing in The Great Railway Show. Thomas is disappointed when Gordon is chosen instead of him, however when something goes wrong on the way Thomas heads off to save him. It's a great film about the importance of friendship, and has lots of songs and new characters. My children were totally enthralled! The Great Race is out on DVD now and you can find it here.

I was sent the playset and DVD for review. Post contains affiliate links.


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  2. Thanks for the heads up about the DVD - always on the lookout for more Thomas stuff for Oz :)


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