Happy Days: Up and Autumn

Welcome to Happy Days!  Katy and I host this linky with the purpose of inspiring you to make the most of each day, no matter what you've been up to, and to find happiness in every day. It's where I share the little moments that have brought me joy. 

Is it just me, or is this year flying by? It doesn't feel like it was all that long ago that we welcomed the new year, yet here we are with autumn on the way and shops already having their Christmas displays up!

Here's what has made me happy this week

• Reaching 3,000 followers on Instagram. I find social media a bit of a slog sometimes, and I can't be bothered with tactical methods so my growth is pretty slow!

• Little N settling at nursery. It is still quite stressful at drop off but he is getting better each time and he always has a good day once he calms down. I love seeing the updates online from the teachers each day.

• Rain! I am so over the hot weather now, it's nice to have a bit of a break to cool down.

• Blogfest. I've booked my ticket! Will you be going?

• Ian's birthday. We've not done anything special as he never wants to celebrate his birthday. But the children were excited to give their card and present!

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Well done on Instagram, its a tough one to build! Yay to Blogfest, I don't think I am going to make this one. Can't wait to hear all about it. Thanks for hosting x

  2. Congratulations on your IG 🎉 I loved how you said you can't be bothered with tactical methods I totally agree somehow it feels like cheating! Thank you for hosting #HappyDays ❤️

  3. Like you, I'm planning to go to Blogfest which I am so excited about. And totally agree about the rain - I was so over the heat! xx #HappyDaysLinky

  4. Congratulations on 3000 Instagram followers. I think my autumn aim is to grow my Instagram.


  5. My social numbers are a very slow climb also. Congrats on the milestone. That's pretty impressive #happydays

  6. Congratulations on the Instagram followers! I also can't believe all this talk of Christmas so soon - where has the year gone?! Thank you for hosting #happydayslinky

  7. I need to sort out my BlogFest ticket. Well done on your IG huni, I am over the heat too x

  8. Ah well done on Insta! I just hit 2k but like you don't really make enough effort! Glad the nursery a little less stressful! I'm also glad it is a bit cooler! Sleeping with a fan until the other day!! Going to see how I go with blogfest!! Thanks for hosting xx

  9. Glad Little N is settling in, my son always cried at drop off and it was heartbreaking but then once I left he was always fine and never wanted to leave at pick up time!

  10. way to go on IG, mine is very slowly growing. Glad little N is settling in, it does take time. I'm not making blogfest this year, hope you have a great time. Hugs x

  11. Congratulations on your Instagram! I need to give this more time! Not going to Blogfest but going to BlogOn, super excited!

  12. Congratulations on IG lovely - well deserved, youre feed is always gorgeous! So pleased nursery is going better too xx THanks for hosting x

  13. Oh I know, where is the year going?! It's crazy! Glad your little one is settling in nursery. It's a big transition! Congrats on your IG followers! x

  14. Gorgeous photo Sian!
    I'm like you with social media - I let it happen naturally mostly so it is very slow! Well done on 3000 though - that's amazing!
    Sounds like a lovely week. Thank you for hosting. x #HappyDays

  15. Wow well done on your Instagram following! Glad nursery is getting better too - my little one used to cry so much when I took him to nursery - I had to get other people to take him in the end (he was fine for Daddy or Grandad!). Thanks for hosting this great linky #HappyDays

  16. Loving the title of this post! Yay for Blogfest - can. not. wait!!! xx


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