Happy Days: Summer's Coming

Welcome to Happy Days! Katy and I host this linky with the purpose of inspiring you to make the most of each day, no matter what you've been up to, and to find happiness in every day. It's where I share the little moments that have brought me joy. 

“"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, 
"one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."”

I missed Happy Days last week so this week's is a little longer as I've got more to share! Here's what I have loved:

  • The amazing weather! It's been so gorgeously warm and we've enjoyed lots of time outdoors.

  • Doing another photography workshop. This one was in the beautiful bluebell woods and despite my camera dying halfway through I learnt a lot.

  • Discovering that the local ice-cream place sells vegan gelato, and not only that, they do a salted caramel flavour which is my absolute favourite. I went with a friend during the week then again at the weekend with Ian. Well, it would be rude not to when it's so sunny!

  • Having lots of fun with J at playgroup. It's wonderful to see him enjoying himself and playing with other toddlers. He is just so adorable.

  • Joining a running club. I signed up to a 12-week beginner's running course; so far it's going really well and I've met some lovely people!

  • Getting an offer for a nursery place for Little N. He didn't get an offer last week as the local school had a record number of sibling applications which take priority over catchment, so it's been stressful finding another nursery with a place for him. 

  • Planning our first holiday of the year - we're going to the Isle of Wight with Away Resorts next month and I'm really excited!

  • Building awesome wooden train tracks for the boys. I'm not sure who's been having the most fun though, me or them! 

  • Little N coming home from preschool with lots of little makes; this week he brought home a pasta necklace, pizza bread and lots of paintings.

  • J starting swimming lessons. He has always been more confident that Little N with pretty much everything, so I'm not surprised that he took to swimming so well and I am really proud of him.

Little N's preschool are having their spring fair this weekend so we'll be showing our support there; hopefully the weather will be sunny. Have a lovely weekend! 

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  1. Fab week hun, the photography workshop sounds amazing! I would love that. Thanks for hosting xx

  2. What a wonderful week! So many lovely things! The weather definitely makes everything better too! Glad you got the Nursery sorted. Thank you for hosting the linky.#happydays

  3. That train track looks amazing! Glad to hear that you've found a nursery place for little N and that J is enjoying the swimming lessons. Hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for hosting #HappyDaysLinky :-)

  4. ah lovely times! that train track is awesome! reminds me that we need more track haha! I bet you cant wait for your hols. we are off in june. nice to just get away for a bit! #HappyDaysLinky

  5. Planning holidays sounds lovely and I'd love to do a photography workshop it's on my bucket list for this year. What a great train track! Thank you for hosting 🌸

  6. Brilliant fortnight I say! The weather certainly helps. The train track does look like fun, Dave declared that he was going to build the Robot a train track one day, I think he has big dreams ahead! We have many trains, no tracks! Good job getting your school places sorted. Feels like a lifetime away for me! #happydayslinky

  7. Lovely week hun and glad to hear you've stuck to getting your fresh flowers :-) xx #happydayslinky

  8. Wow loads been going on! Good on you with the running...hope that goes well and you can eat all that ice-cream. I bet the bluebell photography was amazing. Flowers are so beautiful. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for hosting xx

  9. The ice cream shop is the best isn't it. We love it there. I love how my boy bring back little things from school too. The other day he brought back a painting of the Gruffalo - I have to say it wasn't bad at all. And it certainly put a smile on my face. :) Thank you for hosting. x

  10. What a lovely week, and an ice cream shop is always a great find. School and nursery places are so stressful, thankfully we are going into the last phase next year with Jack deciding college or apprenticeship and Joe going to High School. I am already starting the sweat over high school appeals x

  11. Way to go joining the running club and great news about the nursery placement. We don't have the same system up here, but yours always sounds so stressful. Ahh ice-cream shop visits are always lovely. I love the train photo. Have a great week xx

  12. Great to hear about your week. Photography workshops are lovely things to do and a holiday on the horizon to look forward to. Fantastic. #happydays

  13. let us know the running club goes, id love to run. thanks for sharing #happydays x

  14. Sounds like a great week. I love the picture of the train tracks. How long did it last like that? In our house it soon gets broken up! x

  15. That is an awesome train track and brilliant about the nursery place! #happydayslinky xx

  16. I had the salted caramel the other day - I don't know why I haven't been sooner!! xx

  17. Salted caramel is my favourite too! Sounds like a lovely week and you've also got plenty to look forward to, the holiday will be fab x


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