Review: VAX Dual Power Pro Carpet Cleaner

Having young children you can imagine how mucky the carpets in my home can get. Food, drinks, mud, paint, make-up... I'm forever wiping something up. Yet even when carpets look clean, there can still be dirt and germs lurking deep within the carpet fibres that vacuum cleaners just can't reach. Every few months I borrow my in-laws' carpet cleaner and give the carpets a deep clean. I'm always amazed, and slightly horrified, at how dirty the water is when it comes out. I was so excited when my very own carpet cleaner arrived: the VAX Dual Power Pro. Now I can deep clean or spot clean my carpets and floors whenever I want!

Features of the VAX Dual Power Pro

  • Deep cleans carpets and hard floors: The VAX Dual Power Pro has a DualTech™ cleaning system with SpinScrub™ and rotating brushbars which deliver a deep clean of carpets, while the hard floor squeegee tool quickly cleans up spills.
  • Wash and rinse functions: The cleaner has a wash and a rinse function for a thorough clean.
  • Dual V technology: The powerful Dual V technology at the front of the machine sucks up the water and dirt which combined with the hot air from the motor gets the carpet drier quicker.
  • Stretch hose and SpinScrub™ hand tool: The stretch hose and powered hand tool are perfect for cleaning stairs, car seats, upholstery and treating stubborn spot stains.
  • 6 year guarantee: for complete peace of mind

Unboxing and setting up the VAX Dual Power Pro

The VAX Dual Power Pro carpet cleaner arrived well packaged in a large box and I was pleased to see that all the parts had been strategically placed in the box to minimise the amount of packaging needed. The box contained the machine itself, with the handle and clean water tank separate, two 250ml bottles of VAX Ultra+ detergent, an upholstery tool, a SpinScrub™ hand tool, a hard floor tool, a bag containing the hose (and plenty of space to store the tools) and a user guide.

It was incredibly easy to put the carpet cleaner together; the clean water tank and the handle simply click into place and there is a dial on the handle which you turn to lock it into position. It is fairly heavy when fully assembled, so I found it easier to carry upstairs in parts and then assemble it. The clean water tank has two caps, one is for pouring in the hot water and the other is for pouring in the detergent. The tank has a large capacity to allow for longer cleaning with less refilling.

Using the VAX Dual Power Pro

Once the machine has been assembled and the water and detergent have been added, it's good to go! The machine has an automix tank so you don't have to worry about working out how much you need to put in, and any solution that isn't used can be poured back into the bottle for next time. The clean water tank has a dial to switch between wash and rinse mode and there is a trigger on the handle which disperses either a mixture of the detergent and water, or simply water when in rinse mode, into the carpet. 

For the purposes of this review I tried the VAX carpet cleaner on my bedroom carpet. Beige in colour, the carpet was sporting several marks and stains where the boys had been playing with my make-up, so it was perfect for putting the VAX to the test. The seven SpinScrub™ brushes and the long brush bar deep clean the carpets by agitating and lifting embedded dirt whilst the Dual V technology at the front of the machine uses powerful suction to draw out the dirty water into the dirty water tank.

It was equally astounding and horrifying to see the tank gradually filling up with murky, dark brown water while my carpets got brighter and the marks and stains disappeared. There was one particular mark that proved tricky to remove, where some black eyeliner had been ground into the carpet, so on this area I used the SpinScrub™ hand tool to spot treat the area. You can see the difference in the carpets in the before and after photos below, and although I do need to spot treat that eyeliner stain again I'm happy with the results.

I'm really pleased with how clean and fresh the carpet now looks and smells since cleaning with the VAX, and it has left the carpet looking fluffy again, too. The drying time is really impressive, after a couple of hours the carpet was dry to touch and I assume it was completely dry as my socks didn't get wet when I walked over it!

The VAX Dual Power Pro carpet cleaner is so easy to put together and use, it's really handy for the boys' inevitable spills and accidents as well as giving the whole house a thorough deep clean. Head over to VAX to find out more about this cleaner and others in the range. RRP £299.99, currently on offer at £199.96.

*I was kindly sent the VAX to review.


  1. I'm in desperate need for a carpet cleaner in our current house so that I can de-toddler it for the new owners! Our new house is mostly tiles and wooden flooring thankfully. Very impressive results on your carpet!xx

  2. We have a VAX carpet cleaner and I LOVE it. Its always gets any marks out of our carpet and freshens it up. Especially when you have a white carpet in the bedroom. (big fail)

  3. This is an awesome review, I'd love one of them! I have a carpet cleaner from another brand but Vax stuff just makes me excited... I need to get out more, I know, lol! x

  4. wow that is impressive! i have the fax steam mop and love it! i could definitely do with a carpet cleaner as we usually pay out once a year to get them done.

  5. I'm so jealous right now. I've wanted one of these for a long time. I want one even more now. Vax excites me lol xx

  6. We used to have a Vax carpet cleaner and would love another

  7. I could definitely do with using a this! We have cream/beige carpets and they have so many stains from Lamb. There's only so much I can scrub with vanish! X

  8. At home we have Vax Home Pro Compact Steam Cleaner. I use my Vax to deep clean almost everything in the apartment because I have 2 kids and a cat and I believe steam cleaners are really eco-friendly and safer for my family

  9. My carpets have come up well beyond expectation with my Vax dual, my only critisism is the front sucker the hell do you clean it properly. It doesn't come off !! At least there is nothing in the instruction book to tell you how to get it off and there is nothing obvious to the eye - any ideas?

    1. Oh I think I know what you mean, after a few goes I noticed a build up of carpet fluff! I'm not sure if this is the proper way to clean it, but what I do is wipe my fingers along the inside to get any fluff off there, and then roll the brush head round and pluck off any fluff. I find it best to give the carpets a good vacuum clean before using the carpet cleaner as then less fluff gets caught up x


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