5 Ways My Tablet Helps Me to Be A Better Blogger

Over the past year or so my blog has become super busy. I have a steady stream of work, which is great, but working from home when you have two small children presents some challenges! I don't want to be attached to my laptop while looking after my family so I try to do most things in the evenings or at the weekend. Last year Ian got me a tablet for my birthday. It makes it so much easier to organise my home life and work life.

Notepad: I'm always taking notes, be it things I need to buy, or ideas for a new blog post, or an appointment I've just made. Instead of using a physical notepad and pen I can just jot it down in the memo on my tablet. 

Emails & Social Media: I can use my tablet to catch up on emails and social media while the boys are eating their breakfast and lunch. My tablet is always ready to use, so I can check for new notifications and post new updates in minutes and then bring my attention straight back to my children.

Camera: There have been occasions when a photo opportunity has popped up that I would have missed if I didn't have my tablet. It can record video too, and I have a couple of precious moments recorded on my tablet.

Organiser: I use the calendar to organise my workload and keep on top of deadlines, as well as make notes of any important family appointments. It's handy being able to set reminders, as I have a brain like a sieve!

E-reader: A big part of blogging is reading other blogs. You have to keep up with your peers otherwise it's a lonely world! My tablet is the ideal size for reading on and it's not too heavy to hold. 

Dell have put together this great infographic about all-in-one devices and you can click here to read more about how their mobile devices can help save you time.

Do you use an all-in-one device? How do smartphones and tablets help you be more organised?

*This is a collaborative post with Dell.


  1. I've got a tablet which is helping me blog. I'm still trying to get my head around it though so it's slow progress at the moment! Great post.

  2. Love this post! I recently got an iPad, and it really helps me in the social medial/email, and photo taking department. I really like it because it's easier than pulling out my laptop, it's like an oversized phone, haha! Thank you so much for sharing <3

  3. Great post. Some great ideas x

  4. I am just starting to use my tablet more in my blogging. I am not too tech savvy so it takes me a while to get going with it.

  5. I would really struggle without my iPad. I'm too impatient to wait for a laptop or computer to turn itself on now....


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