Weekly Meal Planner #7

Welcome to another look at what’s on the menu for my family this week. I’ve been foraging through Pinterest for ideas so this week have lots of lovely recipe links for you. I am vegetarian, although Ian eats fish, so it’s a vegetarian meal plan. You can easily change the main ingredient to a meat option if you prefer. As always we have pizza on the menu! I’m thinking about making my own pizzas from now on, so let me know if you have a fool-proof pizza dough recipe!


weekly meal planner 7_thumb[2]



1. Teriyaki cauliflower rice bowls

2. Panch Puren caramel vegetable curry

3. Lentil & mushroom ragu with spaghetti (or spag bol!)

4. Za'atar Grilled Aubergine & Herby Lentil Salad

5. Quinoa cakes with herbed tahini

6. Creamy double potato soup

7. Pizza!


    What’s on your family’s menu this week? Let me know in the comments below!


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