Mini Style: Boom, Splash and Monsters

Baby J has had a little bit of a growth spurt so I’ve dug out his 12-18 month size clothes and my mother-in-law has been shopping. I really love my boys in soft trousers, joggers and leggings. Here are some of my favourite trousers from his current wardrobe.






The Boom! Splash! trousers are from Zara. I’ve had them for months and have been so excited to get them out for J to wear. The other joggers are from the current season at Next. The grey stripey pair and the navy pair with buttons are a two-piece set. The other navy pair are super cute with a monster detail on the back pocket.


One thing I have noticed, which you can tell from the photo, is that the Zara leggings are about 3 inches shorter than the Next ones, despite them both being size 12-18 months. That’s quite a difference! My friend has since told me that Zara clothes do come up smaller so I will buy a size up next time.


Where do you like to shop for baby and toddler clothes?


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  1. These are so cute! I really need to look out for some bits like this for the twins on our cosy winter days in. They don't get many old clothes because they get so many of Lucas' hand me downs. Anything that comes in a two pack is a winner for me :) xx

  2. These are so cute! Love the boom splash ones! Xx


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