Goals for 2015 – Update #1

Back in January, I set myself some goals for the year, small things that I could do here and there to put a smile on my family’s faces, as well as my own.

2015 goals


I only managed to bake once last month! I made a piñata cake for my stepson’s birthday. A pinata cake is one that has things hidden inside like sweets or chocolates. Mine had 3 layers of vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream frosting, and sweets AND chocolates hidden inside. This month I want to make cheesecake brownies, I saw a recipe on A Mummy Too’s ‘recipe of the week’ post a few weeks ago and they looked amazing.


I finally finished Baby J’s star blanket. I’d started it the week before he was due and then he arrived early, so I’d been doing a bit here and there whenever I had 5 minutes to spare. Which, with a newborn and a toddler, wasn’t often. I’ve also finished a little grey sparkly snood for my stepdaughter. I used to buy Let’s Get Crafting, a knit and crochet magazine, and have loads of the free kits still to make so this month I want to work through at least one of them.

Life Laundry 

I have sorted and bagged Baby J’s newborn and 0-3 months sized clothes, I’ve even sold a few of them. I want to keep some outfits for his memory box and maybe attempt a memory quilt if I ever find the time to learn how to use my sewing machine. The moses basket – barely used, total waste of money! – has been sold on to a friend so that freed up some space. My plan for this month is to sort through my cloth nappy stash as I’ve fallen out with a few of my all-in-one nappies so want to sell some to fund some more two-parters instead.

More Manis 

I am failing miserably at this one. The black and rose gold gel nails are gone and I haven’t even had time to apply regular nail polish since. I am trying to be good at remembering to apply hand cream, but each day is so manic and busy that I often forget until I look down and realise that my hands are resembling Ryvitas because they’re so dry. Must, Try. Harder.

Quality Time

This one isn’t going that well either. Ian has either been away with work, had a hangover, or been to the pub to watch football, so we haven’t had the family time that I had hoped for on Sundays. So for the last few Saturdays I have been making something different for lunch instead of the usual bog standard sandwiches. So far I have made bruschetta al pomodoro, pain perdu and mozzarella in carrozza. Little N and I have been enjoying crafts at home though, he has been painting canvasses, doing lots of gluing and sticking and made a spider out of card and pipe cleaners!

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